How to teach the child not to be lazy

How to teach the child not to be lazy

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A lazy child becomes a lazy adult. This results in poor work, battles of responsibilities in family and work life, lack of pride in work, etc.

Being lazy can also make a child addicted to television, it can make him overweight because he will not be interested in sports or outdoor activities.

Raising a child not to be a bum, it can be difficult for parents at times. Parents who think that children have enough responsibility for school work and extracurricular activities will be raising a lazy child who thinks that other chores do not go with him. But how do you teach a child not to be lazy?

There are children who when they refuse to do things it is because of a power issue, that is, if they refuse to do what you tell them, it is because they feel that they are in control. Don't make the mistake of giving in doing the child's work, or arguing or maybe yelling. All these things will be what your child will need to affirm that he has the control that he is looking for so much. You better talk about the consequences that will occur if it does not comply with their responsibilities and also, you will have to have the courage to apply them. Sometimes natural consequences, such as failing a test for not studying, will help children learn based on their experience, and reflective conversations will work better.

1. Assign homework each day. The tasks assigned will have to be in accordance with the age and mental and physical capacities of your child, but you must be patient and not do them for him, in any case help or guide him to achieve them himself. Helping around at home is one of the best ways to prevent a child from becoming lazy. Children and adolescents must be able to make their beds, wash dishes, etc. Do not deny him the opportunity to learn to do things well.

2. Don't give him money. Today there are parents who give money to children when they are very young even though they do not do anything at home. For children to learn to value money and the effort involved in earning it, you will have to say 'no' when he asks and give it to him only when you think it is appropriate and he does not expect it.

3. Teach him to do things. An excellent way to help children not to be lazy is to teach them to do things so that they learn to do them well. They must learn how you teach him with hard work and how little by little you will leave him to do things alone.

4. Teach by example. If you are lazy, your children are likely to be too. If you don't know how to keep your house tidy, your children will think that this is normal and they will be messy and dirty. If you want your child not to be lazy, you will have to lead by example.

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