Board games that help the child to concentrate

Board games that help the child to concentrate

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There is a way to get children to look away from the television or their fingers from the console and that is thanks to board games. We have proposed to recover the value of traditional board games that, in addition to fun bring infinite benefits to children.

The concentration games They fall into the category of educational board games, something that does not detract from the playful nature for which they were created. And we cannot forget the main objective of any game, which is to have fun, just as we cannot forget that our children have the right to play.

If what we want is for our children to have fun, we have our best allies in board games. If we also take advantage of the moments of family fun to develop the children's skills, all the better. This is precisely what happens with concentration games for children, toys that educate and amuse in equal measure.

With these board games children improve their memory, learn to concentrate, fix their attention and also develop the ability to analyze, logic reasoning or they can even begin to develop simple strategies. All these benefits of board games help foster children's autonomy and prepare them to make the first decisions.

1. Puzzles. The benefits of puzzles are well known to both children and adults. It is a game that stimulates concentration, memory and attention, but also requires the practice of analysis and logic. If we also add that they are the most fun, we are facing one of the ideal board games for the entire family.

2. Scrabble. It is a game that has been strongly implanted in the new generations. Words are formed on a board with numbered letter tiles, both vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Besides being a very attractive game for children to learn to concentrate, it stimulates intelligence and increases children's vocabulary.

3. Who is Who. It is a fun game that promotes attention and concentration. Is about guess the character that another player has chosen with a card asking questions about their physical characteristics, thus stimulating the memory and visual acuity of children.

4. Mazes. Trying to find the way out of a maze is one of the most exciting and more beneficial to children. It is a game that exercises spatial intelligence, but also concentration, deduction and the ability to excel. A challenge to play and educate in values ​​at the same time.

5. Memory. There are a wide variety of games to enhance memory and concentration, some of which we can even make ourselves. The fun matching pictures make them ideal for toddlers. all ages and it is still a fun-filled activity with an educational aspect to take into account. Games like him Memory card or Simon responds They are very good at enhancing concentration and memory in children.

6. Find the differences. Finding a series of minimal differences in two apparently equal pictures helps the child to concentrate. You can make the drawings yourself, changing some detail in the second: the color of an accessory, one less flower, a cloud in a different place ...

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