How to put on a baby carrier strap

How to put on a baby carrier strap

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A comfortable and simple way to carry your baby is with a fabric shoulder strap. This type of carrying is very easy to place, although it has a drawback, and that is that the baby's weight falls entirely on one shoulder.

If you want to know how to carry your baby with a sling, In Guiainfantil we explain how to do it step by step and in a short time. By following these tips, your baby will be comfortable and safe in the arms of his mother or father.

  • A fabric shoulder bag with thick metal rings.

Tip: If you notice that the weight ends up loading your shoulder, you can change the position of the baby.

1. Place the bottom of the Mei Tai on the hip and tie a double knot. If the baby is smaller we can put it higher.

2. Put the baby in the sleeping bag and carry the padded shoulder straps. Check that the baby is well placed in the bag.

3. Cross the back straps and pass them to the front.

In collaboration with Maria Algueró, carrying instructor and child specialist.

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