Urinal or adapter to remove your baby's diaper

Urinal or adapter to remove your baby's diaper

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One of the most difficult moments in a child's development is removing the diaper. That the child learn to pee in the toilet is a complicated task that requires time, dedication and, above all, choosing the right moment with all the resources at hand. The question that many parents ask themselves today is whether the classic potty or the toilet adapter will be better to teach their child to pee alone.

Most of us learned to pee on a potty and we remember fondly and imaginatively those scenes from our first contact with the potty. Our first steps towards a more independent life are linked to fun urinals. Yet times change to make life easier to parents and babies. The choice between a potty and an adapter to teach your child to pee is easy.

Choose the potty always implies a double learning on the part of the child, with the consequent double effort for parents and children. Keep in mind that you will first have to teach the child to pee on the potty, and then repeat the process on the toilet itself. A difficult learning step that is avoided if you choose the first option adapter.

Although the adapter is not the first step you should take to teach your child to pee alone. Before you start to seat him on the adapter, before explaining the need to pee in the toilet, you could change the disposable diapers for cloth ones. Thus the child would notice the unpleasant sensation of being wet, something that does not happen with the most absorbent diapers.

Remember that you will not be able to remove your child's diapers from one day to the next, the process will take a while and you should not rush, since not all children are ready to pee in the bathroom at the same age. Remember also that children are great imitators, so it would not be bad for them to see how you pee in the bathroom with practical examples.

Once the children have the adapter It is possible that they use it many times, but other times incidents occur. Don't be put off by those steps backwards or get angry. Explain to the child how happy you are all when he uses the adapter, but you don't have to scold him when he forgets.

In any case, the fundamental premise when removing the child's diaper is Do not press. Slowly, patiently and in a good mood, because your child will learn to pee in the bathroom at the right time.

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