Adoption: the exciting moment of the first meeting

Adoption: the exciting moment of the first meeting

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There are births that happen almost miraculously, others in a calm and peaceful way or even in a great hurry, but some arrive when children have stopped being babies and have traveled a path without their parents, and parents without their children.

It is not easy to understand what I mean if you have not seen the video that I show you below. This is the first meeting between adoptive parents and their children. It is not a conventional birth, It is a different birth, but the end is the same, a very special and happy moment where words are not necessary.

In this video, no explanations are needed, the emotion of the parents, their immense happiness, the child's joy, the shyness and even the fear of their sister are perfectly palpable. It is not very frequent to see these moments on video, but it causes great empathy and tremendous emotion. They just met but they are already a family, they will have to work on the bond day by day to help the children integrate into their 'new world' but, as the end of the video shows us, they succeeded.

These parents have adopted siblings and it shouldn't have been easy. In these cases they have to adapt to two personalities, different ages, earn the respect and trust of two different children. One of the siblings has usually assumed the role of mother or father and they will face some resistance. However, parents often have the support of parent associations they have adopted to help them process of learning to live together.

I know the process that adoptive parents go through until the desired moment arrives. I have seen a friend suffer, desire, cry, get excited, have insomnia, go from here to there ... until finally, one day, she had her baby with her. Again another process has begun, to give a brother or sister to your son. Hopefully she can live her second birth!

Those of us who have been able to have children naturally often do not realize the path that those parents who have not had the same luck have to travel. They have had to fight so much and fight so persistently that when they finally manage to have their children with them, I imagine that the happiness they feel can be compared to few things. Being able to hug your children, feel them, take care of them, convey affection to them. It is, a different birth, but just as important, because it is full of love.

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