Saint Christopher of Lycia Day, July 10. Names for boys

Saint Christopher of Lycia Day, July 10. Names for boys

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Cristóbal is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'the one who carries Christ'. It is a rare name but highly appreciated by the aristocracy so it is perfect for your child if you want to give him a touch of distinction and exclusivity.

Plus, its diminutive Cris has all the appeal of a modern name. He celebrates his name day on July 10, which is the day of San Cristóbal de Licia.

Due to the meaning of his name, Cristóbal implies a great personality whose main characteristic is strength, both physical and emotional. Cristóbal is apparently a calm and collected person, but he grows up in the face of difficulties being able to find the necessary resources to solve any situation. That makes him ideal as a protective figure for the family.

Cristóbal presents many variants in all languages ​​and, although it is not widely used in Spanish-speaking countries, the same is not the case in the Anglo-Saxon world with a strong presence of Christopher. It is also very common in the Slavic languages ​​with its Bulgarian variant Hristo, well known by the former FC Barcelona player Hristo Stooichkov.

The name of your son is known by a very particular historical figure, the navigator Christopher Columbus, discoverer of America during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs. Always surrounded by legend and controversy, Christopher Columbus cannot be denied his concern or his entrepreneurial nature. As is also remarkable the tenacity that led him to launch a project in which few believed.

The aristocracy has always liked the name Cristóbal for many children, in a trend that continues to this day. But there is a Cristóbal who, without being noble, came to acquire international prestige as a fashion designer, who is none other than the mythical Balenciaga whose creations can be seen in the museum that bears his name in Guetaria.

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