Play with water and sand

Play with water and sand

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The supply of toys grows every day. There are so many ideas, materials, shapes and drawings that the choice becomes complicated when we want to buy a toy for children. In the market there are toys for all ages, with innovative proposals and with very attractive aspects. However, with the arrival of good weather, many children begin to have an interest in traditional games such as rope, cart, kite and, of course, playing with water and sand.

The smaller the child is, the more it learns through its senses. Smell and touch are the senses most used by children who are in their second year of life, the ideal age to take them to a park and teach them to play with sand, bucket and shovel. Apart from the park, when the heat arrives and many families choose the beach for their vacations, playing in the water and with the sand has always been one of the favorite games for families.

Armed with bucket, shovel and rake, and some molds many families they go to the beach to sit and play, sometimes on his knees and sometimes crouched in the sand on the beach. The game usually begins with filling the bucket with wet sand to pour it out and turn the sand mold into the castle towers. The castle walls are usually built with the help of the rake that accumulates sand and the pit with the shovel where it is customary to pour water.

Both water and sand are elements that stimulate the senses, promote growth and development and help children's motor coordination. It is a game that helps them interact with other children through language and vocabulary learning, apart from making them more creative in planning the shape they want to give the sand, and then creating their own game. Playing with sand and water allows children to express their creativity and be motivated to plan.

From four to five years of age, it is convenient to include other types of toys in the sand and water game in the beach bag. Trucks, tractors, animal, construction and car molds they will be able to encourage you in the creation of scenes and stories. The possibilities are truly limitless. The game with water and sand can interest an outgoing child and at the same time a shy child or one who has difficulties in relating to others.

In the event that you cannot go to the beach or a park, there are already the litter boxes for early social interaction. Simply invite some of your child's friends to work together to build their imagination.

Playing with water and sand is a good opportunity for children to be in contact with nature. It is a good time for parents to emphasize the importance of using water to work and shape sand, to water plants, and to clean their hands after play. Apart from educating, sand and water play is beneficial for very agitated children. This type of play can generally have a calming effect on children. It will help them to concentrate, share, and calm down; You just have to be careful so that the little ones don't try to put the sand in their mouths. Therefore, in the case of children under three years of age, the game must be under the supervision of an adult.

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