Bee wings. Crafts for costumes

Bee wings. Crafts for costumes

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In We teach you how to make costume accessories in an easy and fun way. This time we have made some beautiful bee wings.

With a pair of hangers and two socks you can also make this original recycling children's craft. A great way to create our children's costumes ourselves.

  • Two hangers
  • Yellow tights
  • Golden glitter
  • White glue
  • Elastic rubber
  • Scotch tape
  • Golden eva rubber
  • pair of scissors

1- Take the hangers and mold them to give it the shape of a wing. Then gather them where the hanger is hung. Put tape around it to prevent the child from getting pinched by the hook.

2- Cover each wing with a yellow panty and cut off the excess.

3. Put two elastic bands in the central part and glue them, it will serve for the child to hang his wings.

4. Cut out an oval of glitter card to cover the central part of the wings and decorate the rest with white glue and glitter making shapes and figures.

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