Tips for saving back-to-school expenses

Tips for saving back-to-school expenses

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After the holidays, it is time to return to normality, to the routine of each day, to get up early to take the children to school and thus to have to face the expenses with school supplies, books, clothes, backpack, footwear and with everything that the beginning of a new school year entails and demands.

Before classes start, parents will have to go through stores, bookstores, to acquire everything their child will need to start a new course.

The acquisition of all school supplies costs ... and how! The bookstores begin to fill with queues, the large supermarket chains respond to the orders made by some parents in advance, and while the children cheer up, their parents 'sink' in expenses and more expenses. At home, when they come home from work, parents meet with their children to cover and name the books, and take the opportunity to 'clean' the closet, which is no longer useful for dressing the little ones. And another surprise! Children usually grow up in the summer, and some clothes may no longer fit them. Thus, expenses skyrocket and many parents do not know what to do.

Experts advise parents to plan before they start shopping. Let them make a previous list of what their children really need, investigate and compare the prices between different establishments. There is no reason for children to start the school year with everything new. Depending on their age, there are children who tend to be more or less influential than others. They get carried away by advertisements, by the opinions of friends, and begin to make comparisons. At these times, parents should be as restricted as possible. If the backpack or the case are in good condition, why buy another or another? It is advised that children are educated about responsible consumption and about the reuse of some materials.

In an age when a good financial outlay is required, it is best to save what you can. Saving can start from the choice of school, depending on whether it is public, private or arranged, to transport or school canteen. School transport can be dispensed with, for example, by combining routes with other families living in the same area. You can save a little more if you do not point the child to the dining room, and have him bring food from home. Expenses may also be alleviated with the use of the uniform. According to experts, the costs of clothing, with the uniform, come to be cheaper by 40 percent. Apart from that, do not forget that parents can also seek aid and subsidies that governments usually provide in these periods and for these expenses.

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