Coping with going back to school with good nutrition

Coping with going back to school with good nutrition

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After the holidays, the uphill towards routine, organization, commitments, expenses begins ... and it seems that everything requires us to start more. Food, in this case, plays an important role.

Following the advice of5 a dayHere are some tips and tricks to help you get things done easier, starting with organization, shopping list, and back to proper nutrition and activities.

The first thing that is recommended is that we make a incorporation to activities, work and school, gradually. It is advisable that we return from the holidays a few days in advance so that we can slowly organize the return to everyday life. Health is a priority. If during the holidays we have committed excess food and we have stopped doing physical exercises, it is important that we regain healthy habits as soon as possible.

- Make a shopping list focusing mainly on the items seasonal products, they are healthier and cheaper. Compare prices and do not get carried away by 'compulsive buying'.

- It is important that the whole family do at least some five daily feedings, and that children, mainly, consume at least 5 servings between fruits, vegetables and vegetables at meals. To haggle the fatigue and discouragement that those who return from vacation often attribute to, and problems like childhood obesity, the key is a varied diet. The contribution of group B vitamins contributes to the proper functioning of our nervous system.

- Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, cabbage, lettuce or green beans, they are a source of folic acid; peppers, asparagus and whole foods provide vitamin B1 or thiamine, vital in the transmission of signals in nervous tissue.

- The meats, fish and eggs, in addition to fruits and dried fruits, avocado or banana, they provide tryptophan, a precursor substance for serotonin, which intervenes in emotional stability.

- Must be avoid drinking coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas or other stimulants.

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