The pain of wrongdoing. Why do they occur

The pain of wrongdoing. Why do they occur

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You just had a child. You can not be more happy. You have exceeded nine months of pregnancy and a Birth more or less painful. And when you thought it was all over, you again notice sharp, sharp pains, similar to contractions. Are the afterpains.

Please note that during these nine months pregnant, the walls of the uterus and the matrix they have been stretched out to make room for the baby. And now everything has to return to its place. The afterpains They are nothing other than uterine contractions that help retract the womb so that it can regain its original size. They also serve to contract the blood vessels that were left open in the place that previously occupied the placenta.

But the intensity of the pain varies according to each woman. Some even don't remember them.

Midwives explain that it is normal. In a second pregnancy, the skin is more elastic and gives more of itself. Surely more than one woman remembers that in her second pregnancy, that 'incipient tummy' was immediately noticed. The womb gives more of itself and needs a greater effort after delivery to return to being as before. The same thing happens with twin pregnanciesor after the delivery of a baby very big.

And this is so for one hormone well known among pregnant women: oxytocin. When the baby suckles, the body generates oxytocin so that the milk comes out, and this hormone favors the production of the afterpains. Remember that it is the same one that generates the contractions of childbirth.

Don't worry about these pains. They will pass immediately. The pains of the wrong usually last between 3 and 7 days. They are good and desirable, because they help scar inside and make the bleeding period of thepostpartum decrease. You can feel them in a mild way, like a rule, like a cramp or more intensely, like a labor contraction. It doesn't matter if they made you Caesarean section. It doesn't get rid of them. If the pain of the wrongs is very intense, your doctor may prescribe some analgesic. Frequent urination is also good, and it will relax you by lying on your stomach with your abdomen supported by a pillow.

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