Baby bath

Baby bath

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As LoveYoli told us at the baby perfume event,Babies and Moms, the bath is a very special moment for the mother, but how is it done correctly?

Here are some very useful tips for all those who, for the first time, have doubts about the water temperature, how to introduce the child in the bathtub or how to hold him.

- The bath temperature It must be between 23 and 12 degrees of temperature, and the water between 35 and 37 degrees.

- Before bathing, you must clean the area that is in contact with the diaper, and clean the ears with a damp cotton ball.

- To introduce him into the bath, hold the baby on the right arm so that his head is on your arm. Wash the head first with the left hand and then the whole body.

- When you finish, it is very important dry all folds well.

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