Teach your baby to eat from the womb

Teach your baby to eat from the womb

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Did you know that you can teach your child to eat healthy before birth? Eating habits are, in more than 90 percent, learning and this culinary education is observed from pregnancy, when the baby feeds inside the mother's womb.

The nutritional customs of the mother in pregnancy can also serve to combat childhood obesity. A recent study reveals that the children of expectant mothers who have consumed a good amount of fruits and vegetablesDuring their pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, they do not experience taste rejection of these foods.

However, in the fight against obesity The type of diet is just as important as the amount eaten, which is sometimes related to anxiety. In this sense, my children's pediatrician told me the other day that we must avoid using the breast for everything and resort to lactation whenever the child cries without determining what is wrong with him.

Thus, when the baby cries, the breast should not be offered immediately without first detecting what is the cause of the crying, because this behavior can make them resort to food as a way of calming down in adulthood. And it is estimated that childhood obesity in Spain it has gone from 5 to 16 percent in the last two decades, while overweight already affects about 30 percent of children, which places Spain at the head of Europe in childhood obesity.

If you also want to fight against being overweight, at home, make sure that when your child celebrates his second birthday he has tried a little of everything, prepare meals with fresh and natural foods, and establish a routine feeding schedule to prevent your child from becoming skip some food. And if you eat at school, organize dinners according to the school menu so that your daily nutrition is balanced and varied in meat, fish, flour, vegetables and fruits.

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