Flower headband made with beads. DIY crafts

Flower headband made with beads. DIY crafts

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Since We suggest you decorate a simple headband with colored beads so that your daughter is the queen of the party. An entertaining craft in which the girls can collaborate to make a pretty flower made with beads to decorate a children's headband.

Crafts can stimulate motor coordination and improve children's concentration and attention. And it's a great way to learn by playing.

  • Diadem
  • Wire
  • Pair of scissors
  • Green felt
  • Beads
  • Glue gun

1- Cut a piece of wire, rather long, and insert three balls of the same color. Then pass one of the ends of the wire through two of the beads again and tension it until it is this way.

2- Put four balls through one of the ends and pass the other end through them as well. Do the same process with 6 balls, then 8, and finally 10.

3- We already have one of the petals for the headband. Then insert 8 beads for each of the ends.

4- Insert the ends of the wires through the first bead that we introduced and stretch. A semicircle will be made.

5- Repeat the process 8 times to make 8 petals. Put them all together and you have your beaded flower.

6- Tie the flower to the headband with the wire and glue two leaves made with green felt. You already have a pretty flower headband made of beads!

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