Benefits of olive oil for children and pregnant women

Benefits of olive oil for children and pregnant women

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If there is a food that can never be lacking in any healthy diet worth its salt, that is the olive oil. A fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, it is something that should not be forgotten when establishing menus rich in flavor and balanced in calories.

Therefore, nothing better than knowing the benefits of eating with olive oil for women who are expecting a baby, and also for children, since it is an essential product in their growth.

- Reduces bad cholesterol: For many pregnant women, cholesterol can become a problem. However, when it is incorporated into the diet -without abusing-, the olive oil, these levels can be lowered. Bad cholesterol can be kept at bay if we ingest olive oil, because its levels of oleic acid help them not to rise.

- Supports the circulatory system: Something very important about olive oil in pregnancy is that it helps the circulatory system is in better condition. This means that its high content in Omega 3 It is what makes the system more favored thanks to its intake, also reducing the risk of suffering from arteriosclerosis.

- Better baby development and stimulates growth: The development of the child is also improved in those women who consume olive oil, since the Vitamin E that it contributes is essential for the growth of the baby inside the mother, and this can be provided with its intake. This vitamin is one of those that provides the most nutritional contribution to the body pregnantthrough the oleic acid in olive oil, and also helps children have better growth stages.

- Aesthetic benefits: When we are pregnant we also want to feel beautiful, and that hormonal changes do not cloud the process in terms of beauty. The Mediterranean diet, and in particular olive oil, contribute to the hair, which is one of the most affected parts of the pregnancy and postpartum, are more resplendent, as well as the skin. Again the Vitamin E and also polyphenols are those that help skin marks and hormonal problems that pregnancy brings to the dermis act as antioxidants and prevent deterioration and aging.

- Prevents cholesterol in children:Like adults, children can get cholesterol too. This health problem is very common in overweight children, and although it is true that a healthier and more balanced life reduces these levels, the intake of olive oil It also keeps it at bay thanks to the oleic acid it has.

- Provides vitamins to the body:Undoubtedly, the star component of olive oil, in addition to oleic acid, is vitamin E. This vitamin provides the nutritional and vitamin value that children need to have a better physical development. In addition, omega 3 and fatty acids are essential for a child to grow healthier and stronger.

- Improves digestive functions:The intake of olive oil in children is very important because its nutritional contribution with vitamins make the functions of the digestive system develop in a much more correct way. The contribution of olive oil stimulates growth and favors the absorption of minerals and calcium and digestion can be improved.

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