Video games are not a substitute for physical exercise for children

Video games are not a substitute for physical exercise for children

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Technological toys continue to occupy the highest position in the sales ranking. The Wii game console, which both parents and children like, and the Kinect for the Xbox 360, which allows you to play without a remote control because our hands are the control element and you only need gestures and voice, occupy many hours in the leisure of the children.

The 3D visualization allows the user to move while playing, which is a great advantage compared to the sedentary lifestyle that other game consoles force. However, let's not fool ourselves. Although the Wii offers sports such as tennis, golf or bowling, the energy displayed in the living room is not a substitute for sports. A study carried out by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) indicates that 'some game consoles (like the Wii and Kinect), which force their users to move, are not a substitute for sports'.

Meanwhile, pediatricians advise parents not to get carried away by fashions and to buy children toys that promote psychomotor skills, creativity and social values ​​because these new technological toys do not help fight obesity or sedentary lifestyle, from the Committee of Safety and Prevention of Childhood Injuries from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), warns that 'these new technologies, although they force us to move, can never be taken as a substitute for sport. Sometimes the intention of the game is to encourage physical exercise, but what it can actually cause are situations of high stress that are harmful to the child '.

For this reason, although these new games seem more harmless, it is important that parents do not raise our guard regarding the play time that we allow our children. Remember that the recommendation is Do not dedicate more than 3 or 4 hours a week to this activity and play a maximum of one hour a day with a break at 30 minutes. We must also always monitor the warlike or violent content of the video games that we offer to children, as well as the recommended age to avoid psychological damage in the future.

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics recalls that "prolonged use of violent games favors less attention at school, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and violence, and may even affect the development of the child's personality and social relationships." And also, in our hand is enhance family life by promoting communication and contact with our children, avoiding using video games as if they were a 'babysitter'. To avoid situations of risk and addiction, as parents we must be alert when the child presents a compulsive use of the game console, such as turning it on as soon as they get up, you notice changes in their behavior (impulsivity or violence) and they abandon other activities or hobbies such as sports, reading or outings with friends.

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