How to help the child overcome his fear of failure

How to help the child overcome his fear of failure

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Failure is something that even adults fear today, but if they do it, it is because in childhood they were not taught that failing is something that helps them grow and learn.

Normally when the fear of failure appears (in children and adults), negative thoughts appear that make the forces reduce and the potential is hidden, this fear paralyzes and can make children feel weak and failed, something that can do them incapable of achieving things throughout life, even if they are capable of doing so.

Avoiding failure in life, or not making mistakes, is almost impossible. Failure is something that happens and that before regretting it, you have to learn from it. Children are developing skills, so they are in continuous learning to learn necessary strategies and methods and overcome failures. Avoiding failure is difficult but may be unnecessary, what is important is that parents help children overcome this fear: failure should not be avoided, it must be overcome!

1. Encourage your child to participate in activities. Encourage your child to take part in activities that you know he can be successful and that he likes, so he will feel better able to do things for himself in other circumstances where he feels less secure. No matter what the outcome, children need to participate in activities to provide them with the opportunities they need to be successful, something that is achieved with effort.

2. Teach your children that mistakes are good. Parents need to talk to their children to tell them that failure is not a negative thing and that success can only be achieved by going through the mistakes.

3. Explain examples. You can explain an example as clear as when you learned to ride on skates (no one can learn to skate without falling first), and the same happens when you learn to ride a bicycle, and what happens? That absolutely nothing happens, you keep riding a bike until you learn despite the failures at the beginning.

4. The importance of taking risks. Children need to know that it is necessary to take risks in life in order to achieve things. When children understand how important it is to take them, they will be ready to face them with confidence in their possibilities.

5. Experience as a teacher. Also, it is necessary for them to learn that experience and practice is the best teacher because they can make things easier after going through some mistakes ... repetition will help to have more self-confidence.

6. Encourage your children. The greatest stimulus that children need in order not to fear failure and to grow their self-esteem and motivation as well, is to have encouragement from their parents. They can act as mentors or guides to dispel fear of failure from their children's minds.

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