Very homemade costumes for children's carnival

Very homemade costumes for children's carnival

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Carnival is fantasy and imagination! Carnival is also synonymous with creativity and fun with children. Using plastic bags, different papers, cardboard, wool scraps, makeup paints, and other materials such as scissors, pencils, glue and staplers, you can create a most original costume for the children's carnival.

To get an original and fun costume you don't need many materials but imagination and inventiveness to get it the carnival party become a unique experience. Here we offer you different proposals for boys, girls and babies with different materials.

Carnival is creativity! Let's start with some suggestions:

- Indian costume: With a large plastic bag that is used for garbage, be it black, yellow or blue, you create the costume. Cut out three circles: one for the neck and the other two for the arms, make some fringes at the bottom, and decorate the clothing with geometric drawings made with different colored adhesive tapes. For the head, you tie a strip of plastic also decorated with the adhesive tapes. You can also tie an equal strap on the legs. Now it only remains to paint the face, decorate a stick with ribbon fringes and your child will be ready to go out to enjoy the carnival dressed as an Indian.

- Medusa costume For the jellyfish, you will only have to get an umbrella of a light color such as pink or light blue, open it and stick colored ribbons all around the edge that follow the child's feet. If the umbrella is blue, it is convenient for the boy or girl to wear a whole clothing of the same color. With that, it only remains to open and close the hat very slowly, to look like a jellyfish.

- Lion Costume A good lion is brown or orange. If you have brown pants or leggings, and a brown T-shirt or shirt, you already have something to start with. For the lion's head, you can cut a circle out of brown construction paper. To put it on the child's head, cut another circle in the middle and decorate the entire circle with brown, orange and yellow wool, as if it were hair. To finish, just do a makeup of the most 'fierce'.

- Pipi Longstocking Costume This is a more girl-oriented costume. With a most floral and patterned dress, colored tights, contrasting stockings above, two pigtails with braids (with wire in the middle) up, with blush and little freckles on our faces, we already have a Pee at home .

- Mummy Costume A classic Halloween but can also be used at carnival. Just wrap your body with bandages, and that's it. Of course, always leaving a hole to breathe and see.

- Very festive Ghost costume On a white sheet, you cut out two holes for the child's eyes. You can distribute colored streamers around the neck, and arms. Then, with a white cardboard you can make a hat (in a cone) and stick star stickers on them, of everything that happens to you. You don't need anything else to go out and have fun with your friends. Apart from the ideas we share with you, if you have another, we will be happy to meet you.

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