Foods against baby constipation

Foods against baby constipation

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Starting at four months, babies can start to eat solid foods, one supplementary feeding that will help the milk intake of children. For this reason, many babies can have problems with bowel movements, and feel constipation that is bothersome and prevents them from advancing in terms of the foods that they can already begin to eat.

Therefore, just like the constipation It can affect adults and also pregnant women, this can be an ailment that can happen to children of a few months. To end this problem, nothing better than knowing what foods contribute to its digestive transit and help eliminate constipation in the baby.

1. Fruits: As children are having a complementary diet with porridges and purees, when they feel constipated and cannot poop normally, introducing certain fruits in these foods will help them feel relieved. Some of the best fruits for your porridge are those that are rich in fiber such as plum, the apple - always avoidunripe banana, which would aggravate constipation- or grapes in small doses, which must be chopped and beaten very well with the rest of the puree to be able to give it to the child after four or six months of life.

2. Vegetables: They are another obvious source of fiber, which is essential for the digestive transit and intestinal of the baby. Children begin to show that they are constipated when they become restless, nervous and uncomfortable and in their diaper there are hard stools that are difficult for them to evacuate. Vegetables can help them in a given moment to return to their being, which they can ingest with purees or porridges containing zucchini, oatmeal, carrot or potato. Being made up of fiber, vegetables make the baby's body work normally again.

3. Cereals: The best thing for the baby's constipation is to change the cereal with which we are making his porridge, and bet on oats, which has a laxative effect that helps to combat this unpleasant situation that affects the baby's body.

4. Yogurts: Foods with bifidus are very important for feeding in general, but much more when it comes to a situation of constipation in the baby. When you can already eat foods with greater body, yogurt is a good way to snack. In addition, it contributes to intestinal transit improve considerably. They contain what are known as prebiotic fibers, which make the stomach in better condition after eating and food can be evacuated easily.

5. Water: The amount of water drunk per day helps the body improve considerably, and can also make the stool much softer and easy for the baby to pass. Although it is always advisable to drink water, in this case we must help our baby to ingest it to end fruits, vegetables and cereals with his constipation.

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