Tips to ensure breastfeeding success

Tips to ensure breastfeeding success

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The experience of the first child is unrepeatable. After a long pregnancy, you finally have your child in your arms. But nobody warned you of the complications that can occur during breastfeeding.

The matron Sara cañamero gives us some basic advice, aimed at new mothers, to make breastfeeding a pleasant experience.

1. Put the newborn to suckle as soon as possible. In many hospitals they are already betting on early breastfeeding. This consists of bringing the newborn closer to its mother's breast as soon as it is born so that breastfeeding begins as soon as possible. The baby's first instinct will be to search for food. The first skin-to-skin contact between the baby and the mother, favors the beginning and the success of breastfeeding.

2. After a cesarean section, you should also try to keep the baby close. The bond favors attachment, and many hospitals also try to avoid separation between mother and child after a C-section.

3. The first hours. The first two hours after delivery are key to guaranteeing the success of breastfeeding, because the baby is very awake and the mother is also very receptive. After those first hours, both the baby and the mother are tired. The baby will appear sleepy, and the mother will feel exhausted. Therefore, it is important to start breastfeeding before this happens.

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