Ideas to decorate themed rooms for children

Ideas to decorate themed rooms for children

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If you are thinking of preparing a themed room for your son or daughter, it is probably not a baby anymore. Generally, these types of rooms are decorated with the child's taste in mind, when they have a child character, hobby or hobby that they are passionate about.

The resources available to you to recreate that special space are very diverse: furniture, wallpaper and vinyls, murals, decorative objects

- My first advice is that you think about him, his interests and what he really likes. It will be his room, where he will play and where he will let his imagination run wild, feeling part of a story. Do not start filling the room with objects that are useless and do not allow him to be comfortable inside his bedroom.

- When you choose the furniture you can opt for special pieces that are part of the "props" such as the car-shaped bed, a spaceship, princess castle ... The little ones love them. They will probably only use it for a few years so don't invest too much in it.

- And if you prefer conventional style furniture and more durable over time, look for pieces with straight lines and in neutral tones, they will be the perfect base for the thematic decoration based on accessories.

- A resource that helps to achieve the atmosphere you are looking for are the murals and vinyls or stickers. There are countless models and sizes where you can find the one that best fits your space.

- Textile elements such as rugs, curtains, duvet or bedspreads and cushions also add the necessary color note. They are accessories that you can also find with the room theme.

- And to finish the objects such as paintings, decorative pieces, photos ... they will dress the walls and give the final touch.

Don't forget that in most cases 'less is more'. Don't go overboard with the details.

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