5 words from a teacher that change the lives of her students

5 words from a teacher that change the lives of her students

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'I choose to have a good life.' It's only five words. And yet they mean so much ... A good life, a better life. Can you imagine what these words said by a teacher to his students can do?

The Professor Reifler, from Los Angeles (USA) proved the power they can have. And, a good teacher is the one who is capable of changing the lives of your children. Or not?

Professor Reifler is a teacher at a Los Angeles college. A school made up of underprivileged children, with few resources. Many of them go to school without having breakfast. But what is so special about Miss Reifler? His great ability to motivate students, to get them out of their shell, to open their eyes to life. This teacher understands that motivation is the engine of learning. The heart, the illusion, the dreams, the control of the emotions, the perseverance and the courage, its executing arms.

Professor Reifler has been converted without looking for it as an example of what it means to be a good teacher. A teacher, with capital letters, cares about what his students are and what will be. They feel a chill to see that only one of their students loses hope. Or that you have decided to throw in the towel.

Professor Reifler made her class fight to change everything, that her students re-excited and dream about the future. As it did?

1. Create security and trust on your students. That they are able to value and believe in themselves.

2. That students always keep this idea in mind: If you make good decisions, you will have good results. If you make a bad decision, the consequences will be dire. Think before deciding and make the right decision.

3. That every day when they wake up they ask themselves this question: What kind of human being do I want to be?

4. Educate tolerance for frustration. Get them to never give up. Keep fighting.

5. Instill the value of perseverance and work.

"Unless we educate the whole human being, we will not be educating our children," says Professor Reifler. Can you imagine that all teachers were like this?

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