Difficulties in breastfeeding

Difficulties in breastfeeding

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Breast-feed It may be more difficult for some mothers, but not impossible. No room should be allowed for despair. You have to insist and never give up. In We tell you what difficulties can arise during breastfeeding so that you can face them.

It is possible to breastfeed two twin brothers, for example. The stimulus of sucking will be double, which will require double production of breast milk. But that is entirely possible. It's all a matter of trying different positions and looking for what is most convenient for both sides.

In cesarean deliveries, the 'rise in milk' usually takes a little longer, but you should not stop offering the breast to the baby. You have to think that breast milk is the best food that mothers can offer their newborn. In case there is a specific problem such as premature birth, cleft lip, Down syndrome, among others, it is advisable to consult your pediatrician first. Everything is possible if there is will power. In addition, techniques and knowledge about breastfeeding can be found in breastfeeding support groups and even in the experiences of other mothers.

- Chest hygiene: As for the hygiene of the breast when breastfeeding the baby, the only thing is to take a daily shower. It is not necessary to wash the breasts with soap after each feeding, just simply dry them. Likewise, absorbent discs can also be very useful, changing them as many times as necessary. In the same way that you have to wash your hands before eating, when it comes to breastfeeding the child, the same routine should be applied.

- Bad habits: If the mother is a smoker, this is a good time to consider quitting. If it is impossible, it is preferable to smoke right after taking it and not to do it in the presence of the child. It will always be better than giving him a formula.

Children who stay in smoky environments have a higher incidence of acute respiratory infections and asthma. The same can be applied to alcohol, although if the mother drinks only occasionally and in moderation, it will probably be easy for her to quit completely.

- Food: the mother does not need to vary her eating or drinking habits. The mother may be more thirsty, but force drinking is not necessary. Only in the case of allergies it might be necessary to eliminate some food from the mother's diet.

- Avoid mastitis: On some occasions, it may be helpful for the mother to learn how to express milk, either to store it and have someone feed the baby when the mother is unable to do so, or to alleviate the discomfort caused by an accumulation of excessive milk in periods when the baby's appetite decreases, thus preventing a mastitis.

- Save breast milk: Expressing milk can be done manually or using a breast pump (consult your pediatrician, midwife, pediatric nurse, or lactation expert). Breast milk can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 days and frozen for 3-6 months depending on the temperature.

- External help: Hard or stressful work can interfere with breastfeeding, so any help that can be offered to the mother to relieve her of other types of tasks, such as housework, either from the father or other members of the family, is very beneficial. the family. The help, support and understanding of the father and other family members (grandparents, sisters, friends) are essential elements for the successful development of breastfeeding.

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