What benefits does soccer bring to children?

What benefits does soccer bring to children?

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Soccer is one of the most practiced and followed sports in the entire world. Boys, girls, adolescents, adults and grandparents take to the field to, according to the possibilities of each, spend a time of maximum concentration and, above all, fun.

This sport not only arouses passions among those who follow it from the stands, but also brings innumerable benefits to those who dare to put on a football boots and go out onto the playing field. In addition, it is one of the star sports in schools around the world, where boys and girls play.

Soccer is not only a mass sport without more, it is an activity that provides benefits for health and emotional development of children who practice it.

It is indicated for hyperactive children, as it helps them acquire discipline, organization and concentration. This sport is also increasingly common in autistic children or children with Asperger's syndrome due to the multiple benefits observed in their behavior.

Psychological advantages for children who play soccer:

- Children acquire values: soccer practice enhances the spirit of self-improvement and sacrifice, generates self-esteem in the child, provides discipline, ability to work in a group and to make an effort.

- Development of emotional and learning capacities: children enhance their logical ability to think about the most appropriate move, help children to socialize, learn to lose and tolerate frustration.

Physical advantages of playing soccer in childhood:

- Increases muscle power in the legs and helps children to have more power in the jumps.

- Stimulates motor coordination: children control their body better and gain balance, strength and good posture.

- Increases bone density in the femur.

- Oxygenates the blood.

- Improves peripheral vision: children have to pay attention not only to what is in front of them but also to what is happening around them.

- Improves cardiovascular capacity.

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