Last minute costumes for children's Carnival

Last minute costumes for children's Carnival

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The Carnival celebration arrives and that is when you realize that you do not have costume for your sonI already know why last year's one was too small or because it's too old. What to do?

It is then that mothers sharpen their imagination and find last minute ideas to create a homemade costume for Carnival. If you are in this case, in We help you with some tricks to create express costumes for your children.

Last year, when my little boy was still in kindergarten, we mothers were given a piece of black cloth and a little pattern-like drawing. With this material we had to make tails for the children's Carnival party. OMG! I had never sewn anything other than the hem of a pants or a button. Well, I was there nights and nights sewing pants, a vest and a bow tie. It was medium acceptable although everything came out a size smaller than desired. For my break, most moms had done what they could, like me.

Sometimes, nursery schools put us moms and dads in trouble when it's time to celebrate parties such as Carnival, Christmas or end of year, since we have to make homemade costumes. Some moms are real artists and they make amazing creations. For those of us who have never known how to draw, sew or make crafts successfully, it is a burden.

In this way, we can only sharpen our ingenuity and try to turn our little hand to make Carnival costumes into an advantage, here are some ideas that help us:

- A very simple costume consisting of pants and a shirt can be very apparent if we make a fanatasy makeup.

- Sometimes it is enough to create a mask or an eye mask to disguise the child for Carnival.

- Headbands or crowns are accessories that look great when dressing up and that they are easy to do.

- If we do not want to invest a lot of money in the costume, we can use clothes that we have at home and put the child some good Carnival accessories as a wig, clown glasses, or magic wand.

- And, if it really is a problem of time to make homemade costumes or we do not have enough skill, we can always resort to specialized stores. Today we can find children's costumes for Carnival at a good price.

- With a little skill and imagination you can make homemade hats to compose an original costume from them.

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