Types of parents With which father do you identify?

Types of parents With which father do you identify?

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Parents of children's television series and their personality


He is that dad who has an answer for everything, knows almost everything and teaches children thousands of curious things. He is the perfect dad to answer children's 'whys' because he always knows the right answer. This is Papa Smurf, in the cartoon series, the cleverest papa of all the Smurfs.

It is difficult to find fault with him, he is a good father: dedicated, attentive, judicious, responsible, mediator ... He always seems to find the perfect solution at the perfect time and it is difficult for him to make mistakes. He is a model father, like Caillou's dad, the children's cartoon series, who always seems to do the right thing.

They are parents who seem disinterested in what concerns their children, they are not able to remember the names of the children's friends, what day there is a parents' meeting at school or if they have had an exam or not. This is the case of Morgan Ross, the father of Emma, ​​Ravi, Luke and Zuri, the protagonists of the children's series Jessie. However, behind this passivity, there is a concerned father that the children can count on whenever they want.

It is the least common of all, fortunately. It is that father who always makes the wrong decision, yells at his children, educates them in an anarchic way and with little judgment. It is not responsible nor does it have much common sense. This is the case of Homer Simpson, a true disaster father, and although we laugh a lot with his blunders, few of us would like to have him as a father.

He is a fun dad and all of his children's friends are crazy about him. He is entertaining, he always makes us laugh with his witticisms and everyone wants to be with him. This is Bob, the father of the children's series Good Luck Charlie !, sometimes behaves like a child, but when it comes time to get serious, he changes his attitude and becomes a responsible and disciplined father.

This father always has something on his hands: be it an invention, a trip, a game ... Life with him is not at all boring, although sometimes he is so impulsive and unreflective that he makes mistakes. This is Fred Flintstone (Peter Flintstone), father of the adorable Pebbles, an endearing character and one who is forgiven for mistakes.

He is a serious, responsible and disciplined father who likes things well done. He always tries to do the right thing and educate his children in good values ​​so that they are good people. He likes to teach his children what the world around them is like and always has something interesting to tell. This is the case of Papa Pig, the father of Peppa and George in the popular cartoon series for children.

Many parents do not like improvisation at all and always think they know what is best for their children. That everything goes perfectly is his motto. This is Bennet, the father of the children's series My Dog has a blog, he always knows the best way to do things.

Sometimes parents for work reasons are forced to travel more than they would like. The children miss them a lot, but when they return they always welcome him with open arms, it may be because they are looking forward to spending some time with him, or because of the little gifts he always brings. This is what happens to Phineas and Ferb, the cartoon series for children, their father Fletcher travels all over the world.

It is a very common characteristic of many parents: being protective. This is the case of Germán, father of Violetta, the series for children. He goes out of his way for his daughter and protects her excessively, although behind his rigidity, he hides a great heart.

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