What to do to change a child's negative behavior

What to do to change a child's negative behavior

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When a group of mothers get together to chat, you can hear everything. That the son of one does not sleep, another that does not eat, another that continues to pee in bed, ... It seems that everything is problems ... The last thing I heard and that caught my attention was the concern of a mother because of the negative attitude your child has. From what she told us, her son has a negative attitude about yourself and everyone around you, from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed.

When you educate a child you will be giving him responsibilities and commitments: doing homework, picking up toys, being good, eating well, making the bed, ... These are tasks that require effort on the part of the child. We have to watch ourselves so that we do not demand too much from our children. When we pass, the children feel it. If the child does not manage to carry out all the tasks, he may feel frustrated and incapable, feelings that can lead to negativity. The child will think that whatever he does will not achieve his goals, and will begin to say NO to everything and everyone. Will refuse suggestions, ideas, and even walks, and to participate or cooperate in some activities. And over time, that can turn into a bad habit for him and his loved ones.

Living with a negative child requires a lot of patience, understanding and tolerance. If you have a child with negative attitudes, it would be good if you follow some tips:

1- Do not be offended by the NO of your son. Don't confuse NO with disrespect. Your child is just "wondering" if he really has to. Use your sense of humor to flip the topic.

2- Don't punish your child for saying NO. Do not punish him for what he says and yes for what he does. Skip the topic so you don't drag it out.

3- Offer your child other options. Let him choose between going to the cinema or the circus, what to play, what fruit to eat, or what to wear ... That will give him more freedom and control over his decision.

4- Show your child that there are things he can protest about and things he cannot.. Don't allow him to ask questions when there is only one acceptable answer. It is better to say "I'm sorry, but you have to do your homework" than 'How not to do your homework, you'll see'.

5- Don't demand drastic changes in activity. Before asking your child who is playing in the yard with his friends to come up to the house, tell him that he still has five minutes to play.

6- Don't be too picky about your child. Don't burden him with too many demands. Avoid excessive discussion. Motivate him positively.

7- Don't have a negative stance with your child. Remember that many of the attitudes or positions that children have, good or bad, come from their parents, from how they behave in front of the tasks they face in their day to day. Children see, imitate, and often in an involuntary way. Before labeling our children as ill-mannered, lazy, indecisive, negative, impulsive, or rebellious, it would be wise for us to first look at ourselves and reflect on our attitudes.

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