Can a pregnant woman live with a cat?

Can a pregnant woman live with a cat?

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Have you ever gone to the maternity ward to see a newborn with a gift for the baby and a packet of Iberian ham for the mother? My friends and I have already done it several times and we have enjoyed like children watching how the new mother recovered from labor, licking herself with the most desired snack during pregnancy: ham.

Although chocolates have not lost their prominence as gifts during visits to the maternity ward, my friend's midwife told us that what is undoubtedly more and more in fashion is giving away portions of Iberian ham, since thanks to the controls of quality, fewer and fewer women have passed toxoplasmosis before becoming pregnant from eating sausages or undercooked meat.

Living with animals, especially cats, is another risk factor when it comes to contracting the disease during pregnancy. Cats are the main transmitters of toxoplasmosis and they contract it when they eat infected meat. For this reason, if you are pregnant and have a cat you should avoid cleaning the boxes where your cat deposits feces and gardening without gloves, since parasites in their feces can travel in the wind and settle in other nearby places.

With proper hygienic measures it is difficult to get infected, but many future moms are so afraid for the health of their future baby on the way, that they choose to get rid of their kitten. However, before thinking of giving up the cat, check with the results of your tests, that you really have not had toxoplasmosis. And if so, think about your cat and also about all the measures you must take to avoid contracting the disease.

And is that toxoplasmosis is not only transmitted by cats, the Toxoplasma gondii It can also be in vegetables, fruits, legumes, sausages and rare meat. So, pay attention to your salads! Before eating a refreshing plate of lettuce and tomato, be sure to carefully wash with a single drop of bleach, all the leaves and the whole tomato, the fruit should always be eaten peeled and the sausages to be parked until after delivery.

So I am not surprised that after eight months without tasting a slice of chorizo, not a pinch of tenderloin, or a small cap of Serrano ham, my friend and recently released mother thanked us a thousand times for that portion of ham, which it tasted like blessed glory. 'Mmmm, how delicious!'

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