Puppets for babies and children. Crafts for kids

Puppets for babies and children. Crafts for kids

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What kid doesn't like to play puppets? Puppets are a very positive educational tool for children. Besides being a fun toy, it is also a good resource to stimulate children's imagination and creativity. Plus, they never go out of style.

Thinking about it, has selected tips and crafts for parents to follow and do with their children. Puppets tend to appeal to all children. They can create curious characters that invite children to communicate and create stories. Do you sign up?

We teach you to make homemade puppets and marionettes in an easy and fun way. Children will love creating their own toys.

Pinocchio puppet. We teach you how to make a puppet from one of the most endearing characters in children's stories: Pinocchio. A character who also embodies many values ​​that you can teach your child in a simple way. How to make a Pinocchio toy with the children.

Puppets to educate emotions. Children's emotions and feelings. our site teaches you how to make fun puppets, step by step, so you can play with your children and teach them to identify and know different moods.

Puppet snake with socks. How to make a puppet out of a sock. When children grow up we have a lot of clothes that are too small for them like socks, which we can turn into a puppet with this children's craft.

Rabbit finger puppet. Animal puppets with felt for children. Felt bunny puppet to play with children. Finger puppet crafts to play with children. Crafts with felt for children.

Animal puppets with sticks. Learn to make animal crafts step by step in EVA rubber. Easy and fun animal crafts for kids. Puppets with ice cream sticks to play with children.

Lizard puppet with socks. How to make a lizard puppet with a sock. This children's craft of a lizard-shaped puppet will awaken the imagination of the little ones. It is ideal to liven up a birthday party or any other children's celebration.

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