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February Saints' Calendar

Choosing your baby's name is a decision that usually costs parents a lot and is influenced by many variants: family tradition, place of birth, origin of the parents, their last names ...

One of the options that can help you shed some light on this issue is to choose the name based on the saints calendar. And so, in order to help you choose a name for your baby, we have prepared this precious saints calendar with names of saints for each day of the month of February.

Saints are considered to be people who, during their lives, performed various charitable and philanthropic works, as well as possible miracles. Due to their great spiritual level and their works, the saints were followed by many faithful. The Catholic Church has approximately 7,000 saints, and many of them went through the canonization process.

Do you want to know what are the most important names of saints for children of the second month of the year and their origin and meaning?

  • Cecilio
    We start the month of February with Saint Cecilio, a name of Latin origin that we are used to seeing in its feminine version, Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of the blind.
  • Oscar
    Depending on where you are living, you will find this name with or without accent. It means 'the spear of the Lord' and refers to the immortality of the warrior, for being close to God.
  • Gilberto
    It is unusual in Latin countries, on the other hand in those of English language, Gilbert, you can hear more. Of Germanic origin, it derives from Gilbert and means bright arrow.
  • Silvano
    This name is linked to the world of Nature, and is that Silvano was the Roman god of the forests and fields. Silvano translates as wild.
  • Moses
    He is considered the prophet and leader of the Hebrew people. As we can read in the Old Testament, Moses was in charge of bringing the Jews out of Egypt and hence its meaning is 'the one who saves'.
  • Paul
    If you like the name Pablo, but you think it is already very used, you can opt for this variant! It is very common in Portuguese-speaking places, but you can make it fashionable wherever you are.
  • Abelard
    It comes from the Latin word, Abaelardus, which means strong prince, although there are some people who have also translated it as queen bee.
  • Arnaldo
    'Strong like the eagles' is the translation of this name of Germanic origin that is very popular in a specific region of Spain: Valencia and Catalonia. It has evolved and popular forms are known in other corners of the world such as Arnaud or Arnold.
  • Jordan
    If you are lovers of sports, and specifically basketball, you will surely associate this name with the player Michael Jordán. Jordan has a very special meaning within the Old Testament: it was the river where Jesus was baptized and the one that Moses crossed to find the Promised Land.
  • Valentine
    It is, without a doubt, the most loving name of all the saints (and not only of the month of February). Valentine was a priest who secretly married many couples and hence the date of February 14, his saint, was chosen to celebrate Valentine's Day.
  • Faustino. If you want your child's life to be marked by happiness from the beginning, this name will help them achieve it! Faustino comes from Fausto and is translated as the one who favors luck.
  • Elijah
    It is the name of several characters in the Bible, specifically, the Old Testament. Its translation would be something like 'My God is Yahweh'.
  • Romulus
    A name with a lot of history and that is that Romulus was, together with Remus, the founders of Rome. Although now it is not used much, in Roman times they became one of the most used by the noble and most humble families.
  • Simeon
    If you are looking for an original and little used name for your baby, Simeon - another variant may be Simon - may be one of them. He is the name of Jacob's second son and would translate as 'God has heard'.
  • Alvaro
    It is not possible to establish a clear origin for this name because there are many: Swedish, Germanic, Old Norse ... But if we were to keep one - the Germanic one wins - we would translate Álvaro's name as 'total defender'.
  • Damien
    Children who wear this name are very controlling people, and they carry it in their name. Damien means tamer.
  • Modest
    The saint for whom this name became popular stood out throughout his life for helping the most disadvantaged and leading a very charitable life.
  • Valerio
    It comes from Latin and means strong, robust and healthy. Its female version, Valeria, is better known, who beats the male by a landslide.
  • Alexander
    We are facing a long name, but with a lot of personality, which has made it one of the favorites for future moms and dads for almost more than a decade. It means the protector, it is related to success (Alexander the Great was one of the creators of the great Roman empire) and it comes from the Greek.
  • Gabriel
    'Man of God' or 'The strength of God' would be the meanings of this name of Hebrew origin. It appears in the New Testament of the Bible as an angel that God sent to Mary to announce her pregnancy.
  • Roman
    It is used as a name (very popular in France, Italy and Portugal), but it must also be said that it is a very common surname. It refers to those who come from Rome, that is, 'civilized', as opposed to barbarians.

Coincidentally, there are more male than female names that come together in the saints for the month of February. But still, we come across powerful girl names that will surely go a lot with your little girl's personality.

  • Purification
    It is a Greek name that means fire. It has some coincidences with Candelaria, who already both have their origin in the festival the Purification of the Virgin Mary. Being a long name, it is very common to hear diminutives like Puri or Purita.
  • Agatha
    Good or kind is the meaning of this name of Greek origin that has derived in another more known and popular in recent years, Ágatha. Santa Águeda was a virgin and martyr who lived in the 3rd century.
  • Lourdes
    This name of French origin means steep slope. It is also a place located in the French Pyrenees where believers come to venerate the Virgin of Lourdes and to ask them to heal their illnesses.
  • Eulalia
    It is often said that girls nicknamed this way speak a lot, and it is that this quality is determined by their name. 'The one who speaks well or is eloquent'.
  • Isabel
    While some say that it comes from the Egyptian queen, Isis, others point more to the Hebrew name of Elisa. Santa Isabel was a biblical character, specifically, the mother of Juan Bautista.
  • Eleanor
    For a decade, this name has been one of the most popular in Spain, since the current Kings of Spain chose it to baptize their first-born. Its origin is confusing, one icen that comes from the Greek (means compassion and pity) and others from the Breton (spark).
  • Rafaela
    We are more used to hearing his male version, Rafael, but little by little the female version is gaining strength. It is a girl's name of Hebrew origin that means 'God has healed'.

As you well know, February is a special month and it has nothing to do with January, March, April or May. While the rest of the months of the year have between 30 and 31 days, February has, as a general rule, 28, except every four years that, being a leap year, one more is added and it has 29. 29 is a day on that saints are also celebrated, if only every four years (heh, heh, heh). Here is the short list!

  • Saint Dosieto
  • Saint Augustus Chapdelaine
  • Saint Gregory of Narek

And if you want to know what happens in other months, such as which saints are celebrated in August or which are in December, check our calendar of saints month by month. Surely you will find a surprise that until now you did not know! And many congratulations to all!

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