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Children's tales of values

Children's tales of values

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Why is it important and necessary that we educate our children through values? Educating our children to learn to value certain behaviors and behaviors will help them to coexist in a better way and to feel good in the environment in which they find themselves. The children's stories with values They are a very useful educational resource for transmitting these important lessons to children.

Short stories to read to children with values ​​such as friendship, understanding, tolerance, patience, solidarity and respect. All of them are essential for the healthy development of children.

As Purificación Salmerón points out in her thesis 'Transmission of values ​​through classic children's stories' for the University of Granada, values ​​are part of our day to day, of our culture. It is correct to think that stories are also impregnated with culture and, therefore, with the values ​​that it proposes. In addition, as this study adds, they help to build the vision we have of reality. Therefore, they are a perfect instrument for children to understand how the world works.

Therefore, a child who knows the limits of the other, will be able to live a healthy and healthy life, be it in their family or school environment. A child who knows how to respect others will be more easily respected, and so on with everything.

Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that they agree with what we consider correct. At birth, children are neither good nor bad. With the help of their parents, educators, and those who live with them, they will learn what is right and what is wrong to say, do, act, live.

Children also learn through stories and books. Therefore, offers you a selection of children's stories that speak of many values, be they family, socio-cultural, material, ethical, moral or spiritual.

Through the stories, the children will assimilate in a faster and more practical way the true meaning of each value. Thanks to children's stories we can teach our children to behave in a polite, respectful, and friendly way with others, so that everyone can live with each other, in a positive way, without harming anyone.

Therefore, let's see stories that are designed to work on different values ​​with children.

Respect and tolerance for differences are two of the most important values ​​that we must teach children. And it is that they are essential to educate children with integrity and empathy for the people around them. The stories that we propose below talk about these values.

1. The elephant Bernardo
Being the largest of his companions, the elephant Bernardo believed that he could make fun of everyone. Sometimes he even played very rude jokes on his friends. Little by little, all of them got tired of Bernardo treating them so badly. Until the day came when the little elephant realized that he had to change his attitude towards others. Share this story with your kids to talk about respect!

2. The bunnies who did not know how to respect
Serapio was one of the people most appreciated by his neighbors since he always had a kind word for them. However, her granddaughters were not so respectful. However, Grandpa Rabbit came up with a fun way for his little ones to realize the importance of treating the people around us well. Read the full story to see how it ends.

3. The boy with nails
The protagonist of this story had a very bad temper. He was always angry and paid for it by behaving badly with people who loved him. However, her father invented a technique to make her realize how many times she felt anger throughout the day and the repercussions her bad reactions had on the people around her. An ideal story to make children reflect!

4. A very special chocolate
This story begins with a girl who bites her new classmate, because she thinks it is chocolate! Upon learning what happened, her mother tells her about other parts of the world where people have black skin. A perfect story to educate children in tolerance in a very tender way.

How can we educate children in love, friendship, loyalty, or kindness? With the following stories that we propose.

5. Daniel and the magic words
Did you know that there are some words that are magic? 'Thank you,' I love you ',' Good morning '... are some of them. They have the power to provoke a big smile in anyone to whom we dedicate them. This account tells the story of when Daniel understood what kindness was.

6. Guantín and Guantón
These two gloves, who are brothers, were always fighting. However, when they had to separate, they did not know how to live without each other! Read with your children the story of Guantín and Guantón, which talks about love between siblings.

7. Looking for peace
The king announced that he was going to reward that painter who could draw perfect peace. But what is peace like? Does it have color? ¿Why is it so important? How can we get it? With this story you can take the opportunity to talk with your children about the importance of having a kind and peaceful behavior with others.

8. The lion and the mouse
This tale is a well-known fable that has taught many generations that no matter the size, everyone counts. It tells the story of a mouse who accidentally woke the lion from his nap. He wanted to eat him as punishment, but the rodent made him realize that his help could be useful at another time, even if it was very small.

9. Three good friends
How important is friendship! Help each other, make us laugh ... and sometimes give in to have a good time all together. This is what this story entitled 'Wolf, Blackbird and Toad speaks of. Three good friends. ' Share it with your children and, after reading it, take the opportunity to talk about friendship.

If you want to educate your children in values ​​as important as the need to make an effort and be responsible, with the following stories you will have it easier.

10. Uga the turtle
Uga knew that she was much slower than her friends. Because things were harder for him to do, he decided it was better to stop doing them. However, talking to a struggling ant will change your mind. How important it is to have perseverance to get to get everything we want. When you read this story with your children, they will quickly draw conclusions.

11. The story that did not want to be written
The protagonist of this story wanted to write a story. But no matter how hard I tried, every time I wrote 'Once Upon a Time', the letters started to disappear. What was happening? This sweet story talks about frustration and how to deal with it with children.

12. The lazy bird
How lazy is the main bird in this story! So lazy is he that when he wanted to start preparing for his flock's annual migration, all of his companions had already left without him. This is a perfect story to talk with children about what laziness is and why it can sometimes bring us problems.

13. Beltrán's umbrella
This story talks about the importance of fulfilling the commitments we make. If you want to promote responsibility in your child, be sure to share this children's story with values ​​with him.

And to complete the children's learning of the rest of the values, below we propose even more stories that talk about diversity, humility, empathy, optimism, solidarity ... Enjoy them very much!

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