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Magical idea so that no child feels excluded from birthdays

Magical idea so that no child feels excluded from birthdays

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¿How to make no child feel left out of their classmates' birthdays? This group of mothers came up with a great idea so that all the little ones could go to the celebrations and that no one feels marginalized. What if the whole class is invited? Do not panic! We tell you how they raised it in the school whatsapp group.

From a young age, children are forging their personality and, as a mother or father, one can get to intuit some traits. In the case of my oldest daughter, shyness was a characteristic that was evident from the beginning and, although that has not prevented her from making friends, it is true that she has a small group, three or four, at most.

This question was not something that worried me until one day, after school, I saw a father hand out birthday invitations to other children. My little girl's closest companions were summoned to a party, but she did not. I was not offended, but I was a little worried about how my little girl might take the news.

Fortunately, he did not find out, but after a few weeks, this circumstance was repeated: another birthday in sight and Elena was not going to attend for reasons beyond her control. It was normal, they weren't her friends, but she felt left out, and this time she did find out.

As the weeks went by, it reached my earsmy daughter was not the only one who went through this and who was left without attending birthday parties, More children were in the same situation! They talked about it in the group of whatsapp mothers at school and a magical solution was reached:

- So that no child feels displaced,it was decided to invite the whole class without limiting anyone!

- Each child would pay their entrance to the ball park or where it was held.

- The mother of the birthday boy was in charge of buying the gift and she paid for it.

I thought it was a fantastic proposal, which has accompanied us until the children have turned 9 years old. Now, inevitably, they have started to make mini-groups, because the children have begun to show their preferences for their friends and their tastes, and because they have tired of the ball pools and are looking for another type of fun. We have grown up!

Honestly, I think that the issue of children's birthdays is getting a little out of hand, so much so that some already seem more like a baptism, a wedding or a communion. Parents are the guilty party for this, because we encourage consumerism in these acts. We think that the more the better! and we are wrong. Children often enjoy the simplest things much more.

I want to propose some ideas for birthday party celebrations in which you will not spend a lot of money and, above all, in which both adults and children can get fully involved and develop creativity and imagination as a family.

- Costume parties at home
At the end of the year, children dress up for school an average of three or four times a year: for Halloween, for Christmas, for Carnival and at the end-of-year party. What are you doing with all those suits? You keep and keep and keep them. If we add to these costumes those that they ask for as gifts on special dates (Spiderman, Indiana Jones, Frozen ...), surely you have a wide variety.

I suggest that you give them a second use and that the next birthday of your child you do it at home with the theme of costumes.

- Party in the park
Outdoor activities bring a lot of benefits to children: they reduce children's stress, improve their mood, develop their creativity ... In addition, the possibilities when playing games are many: jump rope , play ball, organize races ...

Take a look at the area where you live, there are sure to be plenty of parks where you can plant the blanket and the kids will run up and down the mountain and have a great time! You can even prepare a gymkhana for them to pass different tests.

- Home theater session
One of the latest trends to come into our lives is celebrating birthdays in a movie theater. The children watch one of the latest releases while eating their popcorn. Do you realize that it is a plan that you can do at home without spending so much money? In addition, this way you cook them popcorn made by you and without so much butter and coloring, and you offer them drinks without sugar. Sign up the idea!

- Pajama party in the living room
It is about an encounter that became fashionable (like so many others) in the United States and that spread throughout the world through American films. My daughter is already asking for a pajama party and I am resisting because we have a small room, but I do not rule out that this year for her birthday her best friends (maximum 4-5) will come with their 'evening dress' and sleep on mattresses in the dining room. I know she is going to enjoy it to the fullest!

- Route through your city
The radius of action through which our children move is limited by their age. From home to school, from there to an extracurricular one and, on weekends, accompany the parents to do the shopping and perhaps to a friend's urbanization to play. Whether you live in a large or small city, surely your children (and their friends) have not yet discovered the secrets that it hides.

And if you organize a tour of the most emblematic places for them? To make it more fun you can prepare a game of clues and document yourself beforehand to find legends or curiosities about some of the points that you are going to visit.

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