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Children don't need perfect parents, but happy parents

Children don't need perfect parents, but happy parents

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The best way to guarantee that we are good parents It is not being the perfect mothers or fathers, but being happy mothers or fathers. And this is all that our children need from our fatherhood and our motherhood. Because if we are not happy, we will not be able to educate children from love and respect.

Perfection is something that is not in our hands, but happiness is. We are better parents when we are happy because:

- Being with a happy person is really nice, fun and wonderful.

- Being a happy person is live fun, satisfactory, free, full and very enriching. He is a person who embraces life as it comes.

- To be the son or daughter of happy parents is to feel loved, safe, trusted and loved; but what matters most about this situation is that you are giving permission to your son to be happy too.

Did you know that a happy child who has unhappy parents feels guilty about being happy?

It has its logic of being: how can a child give himself permission to be happy when his parents are not? How do you share what you feel with them? How to go to party, travel, adventure ... knowing that your parents are having a hard time at home, they feel unhappy and are full of bitterness or suffering?

So let's focus on how to be a happy father or mother, to show the way to our children… What makes a happy person? What do you feel? How is it related? How love? How do you love?

1. Feel full, for ourselves
The first thing to highlight in a happy person is his way of sharing life. A happy person shares from the abundance and fullness of his being, he feels full of himself. He does not relate to others because he needs to be with them to fill their voids, but because he trusts in himself and the fullness of his life, he feels abundant.

2. A happy person ... is happy; he is not happy
Being happy is a state, it is not something that is filled with what happens to us in life. It has to do with the peace and serenity that each one feels when facing life situations, be they easy or difficult. You have to know how to find that state and train it, either with mindfulness, meditation, sport, conscious breathing, reading ... You can only offer what you have inside; if it is love, you will expand love; and if it's bitterness ...

3. We have to seek our own happiness
As a third point to highlight of a happy person is that he takes responsibility for his life and stops thinking that happiness has to be given to him by others. You do not think that your partner will make you happy, nor will you drop that responsibility on your son or daughter. No one is obligated to make you happy except you. Take charge of your life to be a happy person.

4. We must take care of ourselves
A happy person performs acts of love for himself. He is pending to satisfy their needs, to indulge his whims, to speak with affection, to take care of himself, to give himself beautiful things, to do what he wants to do in every moment and situation ... and above all, to express love in many ways so much for himself as for the people around you. And that, remember, is not selfishness but self-love, precisely what you have to show and teach your children.

In addition, the happy person always has time for himself, so he can do the activities he likes: swimming, going to the movies, reading, talking, walking, doing sports ... Because doing things that we like has positive effects on us: it heals us , motivates and strengthens us in life. Spend your time well and you will notice that your environment will thank you: less stress, less personal dissatisfaction and more love in general.

5. We must find time for ourselves, but also for our children
A happy father or mother also finds time to be with their children, they do not repeat the same speech day after day, but rather open to a communication where finding common ground will lead them to create a healthy relationship with their children. They are parents who are willing to open up new points of view, new perspectives, new paths… and thus they let their children know 'happy'.

6. We must ask for forgiveness and give thanks
Being happy parents is also being grateful people, who know when to ask for forgiveness and when to thank their children for what they do and for being in their lives. They are people who are proud of the life they lead and the life they offer their children. Parents who know that the final destination of their children is LOVE.

And finally, happy fathers and mothers are those who accompany their children to be happy children. Are you [email protected] to be a happy parent?

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