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12 cute names for boys and girls with the letter A that will inspire you

12 cute names for boys and girls with the letter A that will inspire you

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Your child is about to be born and you still have no idea what to call him? Do not panic! On our site we are here to help you find the perfect name for your baby. And, this time we talk about the best names for boys and girls that start with the letter A. All of them are accompanied by their meaning, their origin and their saints. They will inspire you to find the cutest and most beautiful name for your son or daughter!

We do not know if it is because they sound elegant, because they are beautiful and very cute or because they are simply great; but the truth is that names with A have something that makes them very special. We start this list of the best names that begin with A with the names for girls. If the doctor has already announced that you have a little girl inside you, then you could find the best name for her.

1. Ana
Ana is a classic Hebrew name that we love for its simplicity. When a name is beautiful, in its purest state, it needs no frills. But in the case of Ana, in addition, we can speak that it has a very beautiful meaning, since it means 'blessed' or 'merciful'.

The day of the saint of Ana is a very special date, July 26, since it coincides with the day of the grandparents. This date is not accidental, since we cannot forget that Ana was the name of the grandmother of Jesus, that is, of the mother of the Virgin Mary. That is why that same day is also the saints of Joaquín, grandfather of Jesus.

2. Sunrise
Alba's name is very poetic, right? The roots of this name are not very well known, although we do know that it refers to the first light of the morning. If you are looking for a direct and simple name, you could consider it an option to consider. Being such a short nickname, it is not common to hear diminutives, although it is possible that you have met an Albite.

Among the days that his name day is celebrated we have August 15. And this is the date on which the day of the Virgin is celebrated.

3. Alicia
We follow this list of names for girls with the letter A with the name of Alice. 'True', this is the meaning of this name that no one can say is not elegant. To find the origin of this name, we must go back to the Greek civilizations. Also, inevitably, this name makes us think of Lewis Carroll's mythical character, Alice in Wonderland!

There are several dates on which the saints celebrate Alicia's day. For example, June 12 is the day dedicated to Saint Alice of Schaerbeek, who founded the Order of Canon of Our Lady to help girls access studies.

4. Aitana
Aitana is a fancy name where there are, and pretty! It comes from Euskera, the language spoken in the north of Spain, but due to its beautiful meaning it has managed to reach many other countries. However, there are also experts who assure that this name comes from an Iberian tribe. Its meaning is very beautiful and inspiring: 'glory'.

5. Ariadna
You will agree that Ariadna is a very sweet and cuddly name. It comes from the Greek and means 'the one that is pure'. Being a name that could be considered long (7 letters, nothing more and nothing less!), It is common to use the diminutive Ari.

One of the most common saints for Ariadna is September 17. This is the day of Saint Adriana or Ariadne of Phrygia, who was a martyr in the 2nd century.

6. Andrea
And we end with the names of girls in style, with the name of Andrea. Did you know that in Italian it is a unisex name, that is, it is used to name both boys and girls? Its origin is Greek and means 'brave'.

There are different dates within the saints dedicated to celebrating a special day for Andrea. One of the most celebrated days is November 30, in honor of San Andrés.

All these names are great (and they are beautiful), but if the doctor has already told you that the baby in your belly is going to be a boy, maybe you need more options… Here are some!

7. Adrian
One of the favorite names of parents around the world is Adrián. And is not for less! Adrián sounds a very nice name and with great force. Its origin is Latin and means 'the one who comes from the Adriatic'. Children with this name often like to be called Adri.

There are several of the dates on the calendar for San Adrián. January 9 is the day of Saint Andrew of Canterbury, a holy man from Africa who was archbishop of this English city. On the other hand, March 5 is the day of Saint Hadrian, a martyr who suffered with the persecution of Christianity during Roman times.

8. Alvaro
How about Álvaro to call your baby? It is a name of Germanic origin that you will love for its meaning, which is 'the protector of all'. Although it is not as frequent as other names, there are children who are called so that they prefer to be called Varo or Alvarito.

February 19 is one of the dates on which Álvaro's name day is celebrated, in honor of San Álvaro de Córdoba. This holy man founded different convents and sacred places in different corners of Spain.

9. Antonio
If you are one of those who prefer to play it safe, Antonio is an ideal name for your baby. If so many people over the years, and in so many countries in the world, have called themselves Antonio, it can't be a bad name, right? Its origin is Etruscan and means 'the one who faces his adversaries'.

Being such a frequent name, there are several dates for this name in the calendar of saints. For example, June 13 is the day of San Antonio de Padua and January 17, that of San Antonio Abad.

10. Alan
Don't be surprised if in the park you hear a lot of moms calling a certain Alan. It is a name that is very fashionable at the moment, as it sounds very modern. Did you know that Alan comes from German and means 'harmony and grace'?

Alan's saints are celebrated on December 27, in honor of San Alain de Quimper, a bishop who may have been a martyr for religion.

11. Alexander
A large part of the children called Alejandro are usually called Alex in an affectionate way. But do you know what its origin and meaning is? This beautiful name comes from the Greek and means 'the protector'.

If you finally decide on this name to call your baby, you should know that a very special day for him is February 26, since this is the date reserved for his saint. It is the day in which Bishop Alexander of Alexandria is honored.

12. Alonso
We could propose you a lot more names for boys that start with A, but we couldn't stop suggesting you Alonso as an idea to call your baby. It is a name with a lot of tradition and that sounds like times past. Its origin is Portuguese and means 'warrior who is prepared for battle'.

On October 31, the saint of Alonso is celebrated, since this is the day of Santo Alonso Rodríguez, a holy man of the Society of Jesus who stood out for his great humility and dedication.

And, finally, we dedicate a small section to all those parents who are looking for a compound name for their children. The nicknames that we propose below start with A, in both names.

- Angel Alberto. A very complete and original compound name. Angel is a Greek name that means 'messenger', while Alberto is German and means 'illustrious'.

- Alfonso Augustine. Alfonso is a name that comes from Germany and means 'ready for combat'. On the other hand, Agustín is a Latin name and refers to the month of August.

- Antonio Abel. As we have already told you, Antonio is a Latin name that means 'the one who faces adversaries'. Abel comes from Hebrew and means 'breath of the father'.

- Anselmo Adrian. The meaning of the name Anselmo, a name of German origin, is very beautiful: 'protected by God'. Adrián comes from Latin and means 'the one from the Adriatic Sea'.

What name for boy or girl for A are you going to give your baby?

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