8 ideas for a children's birthday without guests and without leaving home

8 ideas for a children's birthday without guests and without leaving home

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There are certain extraordinary situations, such as a quarantine or a contagious disease, that force us to change our plans and stay at home. And if it happens that this coincides with the children's birthday, we will have to propose a different celebration, but no less special for that. Here are some ideas for celebrate a children's birthday without guests and without leaving home. The important thing is that your spirits do not drop!

To think of a child's birthday is to think of balloons, party, friends and family, park, outdoor leisure and gifts. However, if the circumstance arises that it is recommended not to leave the house (as is the case with the coronavirus quarantine) all this is more complicated. The birthday will have to be without guests and without leaving home.

How to celebrate your child's birthday then? What can we do so that he is not sad because he cannot go out or receive anyone at home? Well, the same thing we usually do in the face of adversity: use our good humor and all the imagination in the world.

Do not miss the ideas to celebrate a child's birthday at home and without guests, surely more than one becomes your favorite.

1. Learn a new thing on birthday
Do we put into practice that phrase that says that you will not go to bed without knowing one more thing? The day you go to celebrate your child's birthday at home, organize a series of things aimed at learning. You can, for example, teach him to fry an egg, to prepare some delicious homemade nuggets, to make a sponge cake or anything else like that that the little one is curious about. In this way you will be entertained, it will make you enormously excited and you will also feel proud of having learned things 'when you grow up'.

2. A cake, do not miss it!
We can think of two very fun options, that you make the cake yourself at home or that you buy a basic one and have a great time decorating it. You just have to have the ingredients and decorative elements ready and let your child unleash his imagination. It will be the richest cake in the world!

3. The piñata of wishes, who signs up?
On a birthday with friends there is a piñata to share and have sweets. Well, at a home party without guests there will be a piñata of wishes. Prepare the piñata, tell your child to write as many wishes on pieces of paper (parents and siblings can also write wishes) and, once you have them all ready, you put them in the piñata.

You already know the rest, the piñata is hung from the ceiling and thrown until all the papers fly away. Be careful with the wishes you ask, they can come true!

4. Challenges and more challenges
We have already learned something new, we have prepared a delicious sweet and we have written a few wishes, what else can we do now to celebrate a birthday without guests and without leaving home? Maybe you want to play the game of challenges.

It is about preparing a gymkhana with a few tests to pass: for example, we write a secret phrase that to be discovered must be done three additions and three subtractions. Or we hide the gift and write down some clues on a piece of paper as a treasure map. They are simple ideas that are sure to delight the little big birthday boy.

5. Time to blow up the colored balloons!
Just because it is a birthday without leaving home and without being able to receive guests does not mean that we can forget about the balloons, indeed, we are going to share them with the neighbors. We inflate a few colored balloons, decorate them with markers as we like the most and hang them on the window so that everyone can see that a very special birthday is being celebrated here. And speaking of decoration ...

6. Birthday decorations
Let's see what you think of this, have a few birthday decorations ready for your child and leave some undone to finish together. The 'happy birthday' sign, the number with the birthday, some beautiful drawings ... Surely your child will be very excited to be the one who finishes the decoration for his birthday.

7. Touch call friends and family
Just because our loved ones can't come home to celebrate birthdays with us doesn't mean we can't talk to them. Tell grandparents, uncles, friends ... to think of a birthday message for your child, sit down in front of your mobile or computer and start the round of calls. Your little one will be excited when he sees what his loved ones have to say to him on the occasion of his birthday and not only that, but it will also be a day that he will keep in his memory forever.

8. And to end the party, let's clap!
Family and friends have already told your child their congratulatory message, have you done it? Ask the child to sit on the sofa and listen carefully to the words of affection and love that mom, dad, and his siblings have to say to him. And finally, applause! A loud applause full of affection that also says: 'we are in this together and we are going to achieve it at all costs'.

At Guiainfantil we also wholeheartedly join in that applause and those good intentions, happy birthday!

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