Homemade toolbox. Recycling craft

Homemade toolbox. Recycling craft

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In we suggest you develop a homemade toolbox using recycle material. It is a very easy craft to do and that is ideal to give as a gift, especially to dad for Father's Day.

If dad, uncle or grandpa always has loose tools in drawers, this will be a perfect gift for him. You no longer have an excuse to keep them in order with this cute kid-made toolbox.


  • Shoe box
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tools template
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Eva rubber in different colors
  • Black marker
  • Tips: Instead of lining the shoebox, you can paintings, if you want

On our site we invite you to make this simple toolbox using wrapping paper and a cardboard box. Follow our step by step, with photos:

1. Line the shoe box with the wrapping paper.

2. Click on the image to download and print the tools template

3. Use the template to cut out the tools with white eva rubber

4. Make a figure of a dad with colored foam: a circle for the head, a little black foam for the hair, another for the cap and cut out the shape of a half circle of gray glitter for the body. Glue it all together. You can also make a poster that says: Daddy's Tools

5. Now you just have to stick all the elements on the box and ... that's it!

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