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Saint George and the Dragon. Short stories for kids

Do you know the legend of Saint George? According to experts, he was a Roman soldier who served under Diocletian, he was a Christian and a martyr, although his real existence is often questioned. Saint George has gone down in history along with the legend of the dragon, a myth that emerged during the Middle Ages. Have you ever told this legend of Saint George and the Dragon To your childs? It is one of those short stories that you will enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.

Once upon a time in a very distant kingdom where its inhabitants lived in fear because of a great dragon that scared everyone and caused damage to the population and animals.

To reassure you, the villagers they decided to give the dragon a sacrificial person every day. In this way, the dragon would not be hungry and would leave them alone. And so a lottery was held in which the person to be delivered to the dragon was chosen.

One of those days, the name of the king's daughter came up in the raffle. She was a young princess much admired and loved by the townspeople, especially her father who was reluctant to give her up as a sacrifice. Seeing the king's suffering, many citizens offered to replace the princess, but both the princess andthe king refused to let others have to pay for his daughter's fate. In addition, he was aware that his daughter was part of the town and therefore had to follow the rules that had been agreed so far.

The princess left the city to fulfill her mission. He was walking slowly in the direction of the Great Dragon Grotto. Suddenly, when I least expected it, appeared a young knight in armor mounted on a white horse. Upon seeing him, the princess told him about the dangers she could suffer being in that place, but the knight refused to abandon her to her fate and told her that he was there to save her.

The knight was named Jorge and he faced the dragon as soon as it appeared. They both fought a great battle until the knight threw a great spear at his chest. From the blood that the dragon shed a beautiful rose bush was born that Jorge gave to the princess after having won the battle.

Now, thanks to the knight George, both the princess and the people could live in peace.

It is very important, after reading a story, a fable or any other story, to ask the children some questions to find out what they have learned from reading. This is a very useful reading comprehension exercise that will help you practice this important skill in your school life.

Thinking about it, Guiainfantil has formulated some questions:

1. What did the inhabitants of the kingdom do to make the dragon leave them alone?

2. Who came out in the draw that should be sacrificed?

3. What decision did the king and princess make?

4. Who saved the life of the princess?

5. What did the knight give the princess?

6. Would you change something in that story?

After reading this legend of Saint George and the Dragon, you can talk with your child about who this saint was, as well as share with him some of the related curiosities. Here are some information points:

- Saint George is one of the most revered saints in the whole world. He was known as Jorge de Cappadocia (from the area of ​​modern Turkey from which he came) and was a great soldier of the Roman Empire, recognized for his great courage and charisma. He refused to participate in the persecution of Christians (a religion not admitted by the governors), since he himself professed this faith, which caused him to be arrested and martyred until he was beheaded.

- It is considered that died on April 23 of the year 303, and it is for this reason that this is the date on which Saint George's Day is celebrated.

- On this same date the Day of the Book is celebrated, a celebration that is closely related to this saint in regions such as Catalonia (Spain), whose patron is this saint. In the day of Sant Jordi (as this saint is called in Catalan) it is typical to give a book and a rose (like the one that Saint George gave to the princess in the story we read).

- Saint George is also the patron saint of England. He is also the guide of farmers, soldiers and blacksmiths.

- It is said that it was the legend of Saint George and the dragon that popularized the tales of princes saving captive princesses from dragons in the Middle Ages. This myth of the fantasy tale has survived to this day, although every day it reinvents itself more to show women as an active subject who can fight to achieve their salvation.

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