The Earth is sick. Poem for children about respect for nature

The Earth is sick. Poem for children about respect for nature

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Planet Earth is one of the legacies we leave to our children. Teach them to take care of it and respect it, therefore, it is such an important teaching to pass on to children how to learn to read and write.

The Earth suffers from the damage we do to it, this is what the poetry 'The Earth is sick' is about. A poem for children about respect for nature and what happens to it, its flora and fauna when we do not give it the importance it deserves. We invite you to read this beautiful short poem for children and take advantage of its teaching to talk with your children about respect for our planet.

The sun and the moon

they speak of the Earth,

they see her very tired

and looks sick.

Your sky is gray

it is not blue, nor clear,

your sea is dirty

and pale fish.

The rivers without water

the fields very dry

and trees are cut down

in pursuit of progress.

Bears do not hibernate,

birds do not migrate,

blah blah blah continue

while looking at it.

Very quiet a child

he hears them talking,

I did not know anything,

He wants to help!

Promise to the stars

take care of the Earth,

save, recycle,

always protect her.

Did you like this poetry and the message it transmitted? If you have already read this children's poem with your children and you want to make sure that they have understood it perfectly, you can do the following reading comprehension activities:

1. The question game

- Who is the poem about?
- What happens to the earth?
- Why do you think that happens to him?
- What can you do to take care of her?

2. In search of the lost verb

Another proposal that you can do with children, in this case with the older ones, is to look for verbs and say in which verb tense they are conjugated. For example: save in infinitive.

3. Paint your drawing

For the little ones, an activity that they will love and that will allow you to check if they have been attentive to the story and if they have gotten the message is to do it through a drawing.

Short stories can be another great tool to talk about children about nature, the environment, recycling ... Here is a selection of stories that you will love.

Caring for the environment it is taking care of ourselves and this is how we should explain it to our children. It is something that they have to internalize from a very young age so that each step they take and each action they develop has a single objective: to protect and give affection to the Earth.

And it is that just as there is a subject of Language, Mathematics, English or Knowledge of the Environment that is taught in schools, we from home can be the 'teachers' of a subject that is 'Caring for the environment'. Do you accept the challenge? Here are gestures that you can do as a family and that, even if they are small, can save the planet!

- Talk and dialogue about what is happening. We can take advantage of dates like April 22, Earth day, the summit on the environment that is organized worldwide, a speech or appearance by the activist Greta Thunberg to talk about how the Earth is right now.

- Recycle at home. If you have small children, they may not yet know how to put the garbage, or if they are older, they do not have this good habit yet. Don't let it happen today! Plastics, yellow; glass, green; papers and cardboard, blue ...

- Abandon the use of plastics. One of the materials that is doing the most damage to the environment is plastic. And yes, from now on, instead of carrying plastic bags when you go shopping, you carry cloth ones. And if, also, you put the child's sandwich in a lunch box instead of in aluminum foil or plastic. These are just a few measurements, but there are many more!

- Set up a vegetable garden. You do not need to have a large terrace, with having a clothesline you can start planting your little things. It is not that you want to make a living from it (or yes), but it will be a way for children to value and learn everything that the earth can give.

- Buy organic products. We do not ask you to change your entire refrigerator, but we may ask you to start incorporating some modifications according to your economy and your budget.

- Move on foot or by bike. Pollution is one of the great enemies of the Earth and we are all responsible for it. What if we think of alternatives to move around our town or city? For example, change the car for the bicycle or the scooter and, even, walk from one place to another. We take care of the environment and stay fit. Two in one!

- Lead by example. Parents are the mirror where our children look, but they can also be 'influencers' in their mini circles of friends. If others see what we do and we tell them the positive consequences that all this can have, we will be able to create a more sustainable and better world for everyone!

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