Benefits of the hula hoop game for children

Benefits of the hula hoop game for children

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Who hasn't grabbed a hula hoop or a hoop, have you put it on your waist and counted how many laps you made before hitting the ground? The hula hoop is a game as old as it is used constantly in the children's activities.

The fact that children exercise while having fun and They practice sport at home or outdoors gives it a positive point. Therefore, it is necessary that we know what more advantages this activity has that can be practiced at any time and place.

To begin with, we must know that to practice the game of the hula hoop or hula hula you only need a hoop that is plastic, and that you have to give the maximum possible laps around the body. As a general rule, children wear it at waist height, but you can also try turning with one arm or one leg. But what are your advantage most significant of this game for children? We tell you:

- They stay in shape
Dancing with a hula hoop requires effort, since it is not easy to move the hips and waist so that the hoop touches the body and does not fall. This helps children to exercise while enjoying a game.

- They improve psychomotor skills
Children will learn to control the body, since they will have to move while doing circles either with their waist, with their ankles, or with their wrists and arms.

- They will enjoy the outdoors
In a society controlled by technology, where there is nothing beyond video games, an activity like the hula hoop will remind our children of the importance of playing away from a screen and outside four walls. You can play hula hula in the garden or on a terrace.

- Partnerbility with other children
Hula hoop is more fun when enjoyed in a group. Being able to establish small competitions will make the children enjoy the game much more.

Using a hula hoop is easy, but it can end up looking boring after a few minutes. For children to continue playing with it without wanting to change, the important thing is to establish different activities with one or more plastic rings that are not excessively large.

1 - The Juggler
A hula hoop on each arm, and let's move! Children are always eager to show their skills, and the juggler game with the hula hoop was not going to be less. It consists of putting on a hoop medium or small on each arm and move so that it does not fall. They will test their motor skills by moving their arms in circles at the same time.

2 - The tightrope walker
A ring on the wrist and another on the ankle, who will hold it longer without dropping it?

3 - The mad worm
With a large hula hoop, the mad worm is one that moves quickly in circles. The first thing to do is to place the hoop as high as possible, under the armpits - on the neck would be dangerous - and move fast so that the hoop goes down as fast as possible by turning.

4 - The Jumper
Another game that can be made with a small hula hoop when the children are a little older is the one that consists of putting a ring on the ankle and turning it while jumping. The concentration In order not to lose the rhythm of the circles at the same time as the jumps, it will amuse the little ones.

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