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16 easy homemade tuna can recipes for kids

16 easy homemade tuna can recipes for kids

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In the pantry of any family that wants to eat healthy and balanced there must be fresh products, but also and, taking into account the rhythm of life we ​​have and that sometimes we cannot go shopping, it is important to have canned food in our particular warehouse. prepare delicious and nutritious dishes for our children and ourselves. We present you more than 16 recipes for kids to make with cans of tuna.

White fish (hake, sole, cod, dogfish, corvina, rooster or whiting) or blue (tuna, anchovy, salmon, sardine, grouper or black pomfret) it has to be yes or yes in the children's diet at least three to four times a week because it provides them with proteins, minerals such as iodine or calcium and vitamins A and D.

But also because it has what is known as healthy fats, the famous Omega-3, which is necessary for the proper development of the nervous system and for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

As explained by the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics, after six months, which is when complementary feeding begins, we can offer the child this product and, they say, it can be before or after the meat, because not there is an established order.

And, although we have said that you have to eat a balanced diet, it is true that fish has a series of advantages over meat, like that the fats of the meat are usually saturated or that eating fish implies having a better digestion.

Because of its smell, its thorns or its taste, children often reject fish in favor of meat, but that is what parents are for, to teach them that you have to eat everything. If you need tricks to 'fool' your child, here are some ideas!

- Start giving it from the first moment, without any fear (be careful with the thorns and in case there may be a possible allergic reaction) and alternate with other foods. For example, if one day you prepare puree, make it one day with fish and another with meat.

- If the child is hungry, very hungry, 'he will eat whatever they put on him'. Take advantage of that day to offer him fish because he will receive it with more enthusiasm.

- Combine this product, in principle less attractive for the child, with others that they love, for example, a little cheese, a drizzle of oil or homemade natural tomato.

- Take good care of the presentation. In children, as in many adults, food enters our eyes. Before an attractive dish, they will always be awakened before the desire to eat or, as is popularly said, 'it will make their mouths water'.

Canned fish and, specifically tuna cans, can serve as allies to prepare simple dishes for our children. Here are some great ideas!

1. Spaghetti with tuna
We suggest that the next time you make noodles instead of minced meat, you add one or two cans of tuna. If you put natural homemade tomato and grated cheese after it, it will be just as delicious.

2. Tuna sandwiches
For mid-morning or mid-afternoon, the filling of your children's sandwich can be tuna. You can give it a little more flavor with a little homemade mayonnaise. Rich, rich, rich!

3. Dumplings
The good thing about making homemade dumplings is that you can fill them to your liking: with mushrooms, with chopped eggs, with ham and, why not, with tuna. Of course, with a little tomato.

4. Aubergines stuffed with tuna
Open the eggplant in half (vertically) and remove the meat. Then open the can of tuna, cut the tomato and zucchini into small pieces and mix it with what you have extracted from the eggplant. When you have everything, place it inside the hole of this vegetable, add grated cheese and bake.

5. Tuna salad
As lettuce alone is very sad, we recommend that you add a can of tuna, a boiled egg, some anchovies, some cherry tomatoes and that you season it with oil, vinegar and salt. Light and healthy!

6. Croquettes
The most complicated thing to do in this recipe is the dough, that is, the bechamel, but if you get the hang of it, the rest is all very easy. For its preparation you need to put two tablespoons of oil and 50 gr. In a pan. of butter. When it melts, slowly add flour until a paste forms and add milk. Let it absorb well before continuing to add more and make sure they do not clump. Then, add one or two cans of tuna to the dough, make the shape, bathe them with flour and fry.

7. Tuna pizza
Not only are we going to suggest that you pour a can of tuna on your pizza dough, but also open a canned or can of corn. The union of both ingredients will be spectacular.

8. Cannelloni
Buy cannelloni sheets at the supermarket and cook them. In a pan, put canned tuna and a little tomato. When it is hot, you remove it and use it to fill the cannelloni. Now you just have to make the bechamel and put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

9. French or potato omelette with tuna
To give your omelette a little more flavor, we suggest that you add a can of tuna. And if it's potato, too. It will be delicious! And if you want to innovate a little more, also add a little broccoli or zucchini.

10. Tuna burger
Place the contents of a can of tuna, a little garlic, onion, parsley and carrot on a plate. Add an egg and salt and mash everything with a fork. Now, put some breadcrumbs that will help you make the dough with your hands and when it is compact, give it the shape you want!

11. Tuna and tomato risotto
Today it's time to enter the Italian kitchen to prepare this dish! Heat a drizzle of oil in a pan, add the finely chopped onion and when it is transparent add the rice. After stirring the rice for a minute and adding a little fish stock, add a can of tuna, small pieces of tomato, a teaspoon of parsley and continue stirring. Finally, sprinkle with the other star ingredient of this dish, grated cheese.

12. Tuna pate
You only need two cans of tuna, 1 tablespoon (soup) of mayonnaise and a little chopped onion, period. Mix it very well, let it rest in the refrigerator and ready to serve in a little homemade bread that you can toast before.

13. Tuna lasagna
Did you know that there are plates of lasagna that do not need to be heated before? If you take these, this recipe will be easier because you will only have to open a can of tuna, another of anchovies and a little cheese from Burgos. Choose how many layers you want it to have and if you want each one of them to be one ingredient or all mixed.

14. Ensañada of chickpeas
If in your pantry there is a jar of chickpeas, a can of tuna, some tomatoes, some asparagus and a little corn, you have 50% of your chickpea salad made. The other 50% is to add oil, salt and vinegar.

15. Stuffed tomatoes
We recommend this recipe for how healthy and easy it is to prepare. Empty the tomatoes and mix that tomato meat with a little tuna and basil. When everything is homogeneous, fill the tomatoes and add a little oil and salt.

16. Fish sushi
Cook the rice (before washing it six times) with a little water and add vinegar, salt and sugar. Then cut vegetables (carrot and cucumber) into small pieces and add the can of tuna. Put it all together and wrap it over the seaweed sheets. Cut it into pieces and ... let's eat!

And by the time you get tired of cooking with Tuna cansHere are other ingredients and other fish that you can make at home in a simple way.

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