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Day of Santa Susana, May 24. Saint names for girls

Day of Santa Susana, May 24. Saint names for girls

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Susana is a name for girl from egyptian origin what does it mean lotus flower, although there is no shortage of who attributes a Hebrew origin with the meaning of the one that is pure as a lily.

It is a well-known and frequent name that has not lost any of its charm despite its use, so it can be a perfect name for your girl. Celebrate his name day on May 24, which is the day of Santa Susana.

Due to the meaning of her name, Susana has a friendly and open character. Her sympathy, generosity and delicacy make her succeed in social relationships. In addition, Susana has enough personality to make herself heard, becoming the most successful counselor due to her judgment and calm.

We know countless public figures named Susana. In show business we have the Spanish actress Susana Estrada and the Mexican Susana Dosamantes, as well as the popular Spanish presenter Susana Griso. And we cannot forget to mention Luis Buñuel's film, "Susana", as well as the name of the great friend of our beloved Mafalda, her name is Susana.

Without leaving the cinema, we have the renowned American actress Susan Sarandon, the protagonist of films as well known as "Thelma and Louise" or "The Witches of Eastwick". And to put a soundtrack to your daughter's name, nothing better than the work "Susana" by Häendel.

The name Susana is known and appreciated in all languages. In English Susan, in French Suzanne and in Hebrew Shoshana, it is one of the most attractive names for its musicality and the calm beauty that it gives off. It also has the diminutive name Susi or Susy, which is also widely used. Learn about the variants of this beautiful name in other languages:

German: Susanne
Catalan: Susanna, Susagna
Czech: Zuzana
Danish: Susanne (diminutive: Sane)
Slovak: Zuzana
Slovenian: Suzana
Spanish: Susana (diminutive: Susanita), Azucena
Esperanto: Susano
French: Suzanne (diminutive: Suzette)
Galician: Susana
Greek: Σουσάννα (Sousanna)
Finnish: Susanna
Hebrew: שׁוֹשַׁנָּה (Shoshana)
Hungarian: Zsuzsanna, Zsazsa, Zsuzsa, (diminutive: Zsazsa, Zsuzsi)
English: Susan, Suzanne (diminutive: Susie / Suzy, Sue)
Italian: Susanna
Latin: Xuxa
Malay: Sosamma
Dutch: Suzanne
Norwegian: Susanne
Polish: Zuzanna
Portuguese: Susana, Suzana (diminutive Susi, Suzy, Su)
Russian: Сусанна (Susanna)
Serbian: Сузана (Suzana)
Swedish: Susanna

The name of the saint who celebrates her saints on May 24 is that of Saint Susanna of Tavium. Other Susana celebrate on different dates. Saint Susanna De Tavium lived in Rome during the first half of the 3rd century. She was the niece of Pope Gaius and was the daughter of a priest named Gabino, whom the Church venerates as a saint.

The family of the Emperor Diocletian wanted to marry her to her adopted son Maximilian, but she refused. Asked why, Susana confessed that, being a Christian, she could not marry a pagan unless he converted. The emperor's anger was indescribable, so he ordered her to be reconsidered using any method.

Her close friends and family tried to change her mind, but to no avail. Finally, the emperor had her beheaded. His remains were embalmed and his corpse was buried thanks to the Empress, who had great affection for her.

She is remembered as one of the first martyrs in history.

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