Pea recipes for kids

Pea recipes for kids

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The green peas they are one of the first legumes that children taste. And they love them! Not only for its color but also for its smooth texture and exquisite flavor. In addition, peas can be eaten alone or with other vegetables or meats. It is a very versatile legume in this sense.

In addition, peas provide many benefits to a dietary diet, from carbohydrates, proteins, to vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is a legume that favors intestinal transit and that continues a lot of calcium, iron and magnesium.

Thinking about it, has prepared a range of recipes with peas, for children to enjoy.

Pea omelette. Omelette recipe with peas, potatoes and ham. our site offers you a step by step, with photos, of this nutritious recipe for children's lunch or dinner. A dish rich in vitamins and minerals.

Pea cream. Pea cream for children. A delicious pea cream that will not only provide vitamins to pregnant women and children, but is also an exquisite, attractive dish that is very easy and quick to prepare for children. For dinner or a family meal. We teach you how to make a pea puree for your children.

Pea with ham and egg. Recipe of peas with ham and egg, step by step, for the family lunch or dinner. our site offers a traditional recipe of peas with ham and egg, for a light dinner for children and pregnant women. Contains folic acid and other nutrients.

Creamy noodles with peas. Pasta for children. Creamy noodles with ham and peas. our site proposes a quick and easy recipe to prepare for children. It is also a creamy, exquisite recipe, a combination that will make children lick their fingers.

Pea and prawn risotto. Rice recipe with peas and prawns for children. our site suggests incorporating this light and smooth pea and prawn risotto recipe into children's diets.

Risotto with peas and bacon. Risotto with bacon and peas. Recipes for children and the whole family. Italian recipe with rice. Easy and quick recipe to prepare for children's lunch or dinner. our site shows you how to make it, step by step.

In addition to peas, you can make other legume recipes such as lentils, beans, chickpeas, beans, very rich and beneficial for the health of children. We teach you how to make each recipe, step by step:

Recipes with beans for children. Kidney beans. our site proposes varied recipes with beans for children. Easy and quick recipes to make, both for lunch and dinner for the family.

Recipes with chickpeas. Chickpeas are one of the legumes that children like the most. our site offers us traditional recipes with chickpeas for the whole family: Madrid stew, Castilian stew, chickpea cream and many more.

Recipes with lentils for children. Proposal of homemade recipes with lentils for children. With these dishes children will surely want to try to eat legumes, so rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. We have hamburgers, soups, creams and various stews with lentils, very beneficial for the health of children.

Healthy and easy soy recipe for kids. Easy and healthy soy recipes for children. Soy has become a popular ingredient in many recipes thanks to its nutritional properties, which benefit the growth of children.

Green bean puree. Simple and nutritious puree recipes for babies. Vegetable creams for babies from six months of age. How to make a green bean puree, step by step, for the baby. our site brings us an easy and simple recipe for green bean puree for both babies and children to learn how to eat vegetables.

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