Recipes with chickpeas for children

Recipes with chickpeas for children

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The chickpeas They are legumes that offer multiple benefits for the health of the whole family. They have a very high content of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber, ideal for constipated children. Due to its calcium content, it favors the bones of children in the growth phase and also, due to its vitamin C content, it protects us from colds and skin problems.

Apart from that, the chickpea has little fat, which is ideal for children, pregnant women, who have overweight problems. It is a very versatile food with which you can make not only stews and purees, as well as hamburgers, buns like falafel, and delicious recipes like hummus.

In general and depending on each child, chickpeas can be added to the diet of children from ten months of life, through purees or creams.

Thinking about the benefits of chickpeas to the health of children, He has selected some recipes so that we can learn to prepare them as our grandmothers did. Whichever recipe you prefer, the kids are sure to love it.

Traditional Madrid stew. Traditional recipe of Madrid stew. our site offers us the step by step of how to make an authentic Madrid stew, ideal for San Isidro's Day. Take back your grandmother's kitchen with this recipe for Madrid stew, to enjoy a good stew over low heat, very tasty.

Falafel. Chickpea meatballs. Falafel recipe or chickpea meatballs. our site offers us a rich and healthy recipe, a healthy alternative for dinner or children's meals. An Arabic recipe for children to start eating legumes.

Galician stew recipe. The Carnival festivities include many traditional recipes from different regions, such as this Galician stew, a stew recipe for children with many nutrients.

Humus. Chickpeas puree. Hummus or chickpea puree recipe to make at home. our site offers us a recipe for a healthy, light and nutrient-packed starter for children. Make this Arabic recipe with your children and learn how to combine Hummus or hummus with different foods.

Chickpea soup with boiled egg. Legumes are not among the favorite foods for children, but they will eat them with this children's recipe for chickpea soup and boiled egg for children.

Old Clothes Recipe. Children must be taught that food should not be wasted. That is why we teach you to take advantage of the leftovers of the stew with this recipe for 'old clothes'

Cooked vegetables and chickpeas. Light recipe for cooked vegetables in a pressure cooker. our site offers us the step by step recipe of cooked vegetables for the family. A traditional stew with chickpeas, potatoes, and other vegetables.

Cooked puree. To take advantage of the remains of the stew, try this recipe for stew puree for children, very healthy and with a different flavor, you will have a healthy and economical dish.

Chickpea, carrot and ham stew. Chickpea stew recipe with vegetables and ham. Simple chickpea stew with carrots and ham. easy recipe for chickpea stew with carrots and ham. A light, simple and very healthy recipe for children's diet.

Homemade chickpea bread. There are many different types of bread, today we will prepare a very special bread made with chickpea flour, so it will have a very special flavor that children will love. This recipe is also ideal for children to learn to cook.

Chickpeas with cod and spinach. Although chickpeas with cod and spinach is a recipe that is traditionally eaten more at Easter, we believe that you cannot resist preparing it when you want it. Follow the recipe.

Chickpea salad. Prepare at home this delicious recipe for chickpea salad with tuna, especially for children. An easy, fast and very cheap recipe to make. A recipe rich in fiber, in Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, both for lunch or dinner for children.

Chickpeas with curry prawns. Chickpea curry recipe with prawns. our site offers us a recipe with one of the healthiest and most nutritious legumes: chickpea. Recipe for family lunch or dinner.

It is not always easy to get children to eat legumes. One idea to achieve this is to prepare dishes that are rich and at the same time attractive to them. We have selected some legume recipes such as lentils, beans, beans, and peas, so you can start introducing them to your children's diet:

Rich recipes with lentils for children. Proposal of homemade recipes with lentils for children. With these dishes children will surely want to try to eat legumes, so rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. We have hamburgers, soups, creams and various stews with lentils, very beneficial for the health of children.

Easy recipes with beans for children. Kidney beans. our site proposes varied recipes with beans for children. Easy and quick recipes to make, both for lunch and dinner for the family.

Exquisite recipes with peas for children. Recipes with peas for children. We have selected easy and simple homemade recipes to help fight anemia, constipation and some vitamin deficiency in children. We have recipes for peas in stews, in creams or purees and in very rich combinations.

Green bean puree for children. Simple and nutritious puree recipes for babies. Vegetable creams for babies from six months of age. How to make a green bean puree, step by step, for the baby. our site brings us an easy and simple recipe for green bean puree for both babies and children to learn how to eat vegetables.

Recipe for green beans with ham. Traditional green beans with ham. A simple and traditional recipe that, thanks to the presence of legumes, provides children with numerous vitamins and minerals.

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