Recipes with beans for children

Recipes with beans for children

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One of the most recommended legumes, especially for those with high cholesterol, are beans. Known by various names such as beans, fabes, kidney beans, beans or beans, the bean They are a legume that can be prepared in different ways: with vegetables, with seafood, with sausages, and with many other ingredients. has gathered a series ofrecipes with beans so that children can enjoy a legume rich in protein, iron, fiber and carbohydrates. The beans are indicated not only for people with cardiovascular problems but also for those with Diabetes. Follow our recipes:

Bean stew with chard. Recipe for bean stew with chard. our site offers us to prepare a healthy and very nutritious recipe for children. Bean stew with chard is a simple, vegetarian recipe for children and perfect for a complete meal.

Asturian Fabada recipe. Asturian fabada recipe. Fabada is made up of white beans, a traditional legume that provides many nutrients. For this reason we encourage you to learn how to prepare this typical dish of Spanish gastronomy.

Brazilian Feijoada recipe. How the feijoada is made. Brazilian recipes for children. Its main ingredient is black beans, although in Portugal white or red beans are also served, and pork. It is usually served with rice and oranges.

Fabes or white beans with clams. Fabes recipe with clams for children. our site offers us a typical recipe from Asturias, Spain, ideal for the food of children and the whole family. Easy and simple recipe to make.

Red bean burgers. Bean burger recipe for kids. our site offers us an easy, fast and very simple recipe to make, both for lunch and for children's dinner.

Asturian pot. During the days of Carnival, typical dishes such as Asturian pot are consumed in the Spanish region of Asturias, a stew recipe that you can make for children.

Red bean stew. Red bean stew with vegetables recipe for children. How to make a vegetarian stew for children, step by step. Traditional stew recipe, very rich in vitamins, fiber and iron. An ideal dish for days with low temperatures.

Rice with black beans. Mexican recipe for rice with black beans. Typical Mexican dishes for children. Typical gastronomy of Mexico. How to cook Mexican beans.

Bean salad. Legume salads can be an alternative to the classic combination of lettuce and tomato, they provide more variety to our diet in the hot months.

Why should children eat legumes? One of the basic reasons for your children to eat lentils, chickpeas, beans, soybeans, peas, beans and other legumes is because they provide a high value in protein, very similar to that of meat, fiber, vitamins and many minerals such as calcium. phosphorus and iron. In addition to the beans, we have selected recipes of other legumes for children:

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