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Fun activities with turtles for children

Fun activities with turtles for children

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One of the marine animals that most attract the attention of children is the turtle. The turtle is very present in children's stories, in fables, as well as in songs. Who does not remember the song of Manuelita, the beautiful turtle that lived in Pehuajó? If your child likes turtles, we have put together some turtle themed activities for you to have a very entertaining time, not only singing and reading, but also doing crafts or coloring pictures of turtles.

The turtle can be a source of inspiration to create characters in stories, fables, and even drawings and culinary recipes. In this case, invite your children to choose the crafts they like the most from the ones we have prepared and selected, below:

Turtle Themed Crafts

Turtle with recycled cardboard boxes. A craft for children made with a recycling material. A turtle made from an egg carton. A very cute and cheerful turtle to decorate the children's room or store small objects. In addition, it is a very inexpensive craft.

Video to make a paper turtle. Origami for children. If you like paper crafts, on our site we teach you how to make animals by folding pieces of paper, following the Japanese origami technique. Following our video you will learn how to create a paper turtle, a very fun origami craft

Video of how to draw a turtle, step by step. Through painting, children discover a world full of colors, shapes, lines and imagination, they symbolize feelings and experiences, so this time we want to propose a fun activity: how to draw a turtle with the little ones in the house.

Turtle with egg cups. Recycling toys for children. Turtle craft made from egg cartons on site. Turtle made with egg cups, children's craft with recycled materials. We teach you how to make homemade animal toys at home and with children.

Turtle coloring pages to print and color. Turtles in pictures to print for free and color with children. Our site offers us a selection of children's drawings of turtles so that children can have fun painting or coloring each one of them. Print the drawing that your child likes the most and color it with him.

In addition to crafts, coloring pages or learning to draw a turtle, children can also learn various children's stories that talk about the turtle. There are also proposals for fables and poems or poetry about turtles.

Songs, stories, fables and poems about turtles

Children's fable. The hare and the Tortoise. The hare and the Tortoise. Fables are little stories that always carry a good message or a moral. This fable teaches children the value of effort and that you should never make fun of others. Read with your children one of the most popular fables of all time: The Hare and the Tortoise, by Aesop.

Illustrated fable. The Hare and the Tortoise is a fable with a moral that tries to entertain children and at the same time educate them in values. On our site we show you stories with pictures to print and read to children. Animated story with pictures for children to learn the value of respect and humility.

Children's story: The turtle who did not know how to wait. Through this simple story of The Turtle Who Didn't Know How to Wait, we can work on waiting in children with autism. This is a story to be able to explain to the children themselves or to their peers the problem that children with autism have when it comes to waiting. The turtle that did not know how to wait. Stories for children with autism.

Uga the turtle. Childish story. We offer you the story of 'Uga the turtle', a beautiful short story to teach children the values ​​of effort and perseverance. This story, by Uga the turtle, encourages perseverance and perseverance in the education of children. Short children's stories to awaken children's interest in reading.

Margarita the turtle. I count in verses for children. Here is a nice story in verse for children: Margarita the turtle. A story in the form of a poem that talks about the importance of helping others and about friendship. Short stories for kids

The turtle flees. Children's poem. We invite you to read this children's poem with your children to learn the months of the year. It is called Huga, the turtle, and through its history the children will learn the names of each of the 12 months of the year. Poems for children.

The scorpion and the turtle. Children's fable. Fable of the scorpion and the turtle, is a fable that teaches children that you cannot change people. We can fool ourselves into thinking that it may be different, but there are people who end up hurting others and even themselves, regardless of the consequences.

Childish song. Manuelita the turtle. Learn to sing Manuelita the turtle with the children. our site offers us lyrics of nursery rhymes for children and babies. We select the best children's songs so that parents can enjoy them with their children.

Short poem: The turtle. La Tortuga, a short poem by Gloria Fuertes. Poetry is an ideal medium for children to learn about their environment while increasing vocabulary, improving their expression, and understanding their emotions and feelings.

The turtle and the eagle. Samaniego's Fable. The turtle and the eagle, a short fable by José Samaniego to read to children. our site offers us a fable with a moral to educate and entertain children. A fable that speaks of the importance of listening to advice, of being humble, honest and supportive.

The American Tortoise Rescue, all May 23 of each year, celebrates World Turtle Day. Its purpose is to draw attention and improve knowledge about turtles, one of the oldest creatures in the world.

Sea turtles are true ocean travelers. The females return to the beaches where they were born to spawn, but the males do not need to be on land. Turtles are a vertebrate reptile, agile in water but slow on land.

The extinction of turtles It is of great concern to scientists as those animals that have been on our planet for some 200 million years are rapidly disappearing, thanks to the exotic food industry, habitat destruction and the pet trade.

Of the six species of sea turtles that exist, six are threatened with extinction. In addition, they are involved in dangers such as:

- Plastics thrown into the sea, they catch them and suffocate them.

- The contamination by organic substancesInorganic and otherwise, they kill them.

- The catches out of size and breeding season for consumption.

- Destruction of their nests.

- Using its shell in crafts.

- Use of vehicles on the beach sand in times of spawning.

All children go through some moment in their childhood when they want to have a pet and parents should not forbid it, because it can help them positively in many aspects.

- Children they learn to be responsible, because they have to attend to the animal in question.

- Too greatly influences their emotional development, since you can help them overcome fears and fears they have and, even, the feeling of sadness.

- Encourage joy, and is that this pet can become the child's first friend.

- It can help, according to the study 'The link between human beings and animals', carried out by Paula Calvo Soler for the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​to improve people's self-esteem and reduce stress.

- Have a pet it also benefits our physical health, for example, if you have a dog you have to take it out for a walk every day. This fact will make us have to do sports almost daily.

If your child expresses his idea that he wants a turtle as a pet, we have to tell you that it is an animal that is perfect, because its care is very simple and, therefore, your offspring can assume that role without any type of problem. Another advantage of having this animal at home is that it has a very long life expectancy, unlike hamsters, that its existence does not usually exceed two years.

- You will need to get a terrarium or tortoise so you have a suitable space to be in. Before your choice, it is necessary to know the type of turtle with which you will live.

- Said space must havecorrect lighting (daylight) and temperature (the water should not be too cold or too hot).

- You must control their diet, so that it is varied and balanced. If yours is, why not your turtle's? It is a living being like you!

- Turtles need water to liveThat is why you should also check that it is clean and that it does not contain any type of dirt.

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