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Fun games for a birthday party

Fun games for a birthday party

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Nothing better than starting a birthday party with a fun moving game that requires exercising, moving arms and legs, to relax children who tend to be somewhat nervous when meeting their friends. Enjoy with the funniest ideas for outdoor birthdays. Here we propose you great moving games for a fun children's birthday party.

They are the favorites of children and are guaranteed success. The races and games of balance and mobility are the delight of the little ones. Participate with them and I'm sure everyone will have a great time.

1. The game of chairs
Arrange a bunch of chairs in a circle, always one less than the number of guests participating in the birthday game. To the sound of music, the children will start running around the chairs on the outside of the circle.

When the music stops, each child should be sitting in their chair, but one child will have no seat and will be eliminated. Turn the music back on and repeat again. The final is played between two children with a single chair. Whoever sits first when cutting the music wins.

2. 'Peg leg' race
Put the children in pairs and tie the right ankle of one child with the left ankle of another. The idea is to carry out small races in which, given the falls and the complicity of the movements, the laughs are guaranteed.

3. The bridge over troubled waters
Create a narrow hallway or walkway with balloons on both sides. The game consists of the children, blindfolded, walking along the walkway without touching the edges. Those who reach the end without touching any of the balloons will advance to the second round.

The game is repeated until all but one of the children are eliminated. If the children are older you can narrow the catwalk in each round to increase the difficulty.

Are you looking for more fun games to make your children's birthday unforgettable? We still have more ideas, check them out.

4. Inside and outside
Mark a large square with strings and explain that the inside of the square is considered 'inside', and the outside 'outside'. Before the game starts, the children must stand outside and at three, the organizer says aloud: 'inside, outside, inside, outside ...' and the children have to jump on the square.

The word game must go faster and faster and in a random way: 'in, in, out, in, out, out…'. Since time is short and children have to obey and jump at every word change, the risk of making a mistake is high. Those who are making mistakes are eliminated. The winner gets a point with each victory and the one with the most points wins a prize.

5. Electric hair
Blow up several balloons and distribute them to the children so they can rub the inflated balloon against their clothes. When it is well electrified they should put it in their hair. You will see what happens! What an interesting experiment with balloons! With their knees tied with a scarf, they must travel a set distance without the balloon falling from their hair. If they drop them on the way, they must return to the starting line. The first to reach the goal wins.

6. Trades
'I stand up, I sit down again because we are going to play at the offices ...'. The children imitate different trades with their hands to the rhythm of the song: seamstress, street sweeper, teacher, doctor, baker ...

Let's go for more games! Will your children's favorite be among the following?

7. Egg race
Cook as many hard-boiled eggs as guests. Form two or three teams (depending on the number of guests) and give each team a soup spoon and an egg. Don't tell kids the eggs are cooked to keep the excitement going.

The teams for this game of your party must form a line and the first one must run with the egg on top of the spoon to a defined point and return, without the egg falling to the ground. If you drop it, pick up the egg and start over. When he reaches the starting point, he hands the egg and spoon over to the next in his team and so on until all the members of his team have made the route with the spoon and the whole egg. The first team to finish wins.

8. Step on balloons
Each boy has a balloon tied around his ankle. To the sound of the music, they take to the track. The game consists of having coordination and stepping on the opponent's balloon, saving your own. The children who lose their balloon leave the track. The last person to keep his balloon wins.

Do you already have all the fun games that you want to organize for your children's birthday party? Well! Fun is already guaranteed. But to make the evening even more perfect, also keep the following tips in mind.

- Decide what kind of birthday party you want
At home, in a ball park, a theme party, a costume party ... There are many possibilities when it comes to organizing a good children's anniversary party and you should look for the one that best suits your circumstances (real possibilities, budget, availability ...) but also to the child's taste.

- Prepare delicious food
Food is important at a children's party, as guests expect to be able to snack on recipes they like. What if you organize a healthy party? There is no better bauble than a delicious fruit!

- Make a detail for the guests
Children love birthday parties, but if you want your child's party to be even more unforgettable for all the friends you invite, prepare a personalized gift for them. This does not mean that you have to spend money, it will be enough for you to do a small craft, a dedication, a story ... Any detail will make you very excited!

You cannot forget, either, the invitations for each of the children or the festive decorations.

- Want to have fun
When you really want to have fun, nothing can go wrong. Not even if it rains, if the afternoon falls or if something fails at the last minute. Therefore, try to face your children's birthday party with great enthusiasm, a big smile and a lot of happiness. Nothing can go wrong!

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