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6 fun games to get the child to put down the diaper

6 fun games to get the child to put down the diaper

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When we are parents we worry about the health of our children, but also about their evolution. One of the high points in the development of our little ones is the moment they start toilet training. How can we know that our children are ready to put down the diaper? What strategies can we apply to make it fun? We introduce you 6 fun games for children to put down the diaper.

Toilet training is the ability of children to contain and control the urge to defecate and urinate. It is a maturation process, where control is exercised from the central nervous system, that is, from your brain, when it has reached the maturity to do so.

There is no strict age for them to achieve it, generally speaking. This control occurs between 2 and 4 years of age, but is highly variable And so we can find children who achieve it earlier and others take a little longer (we must take into account that daytime sphincter control and later nighttime control is achieved). There are certain signs that tell us that our child is ready to leave the diaper between them:

- They begin to warn even when they already have a dirty diaper.

- Some with their little hands remove the adhesive tapes from the sides of the diaper and when you see him they don't even have it on.

- The diaper stays dry for more hours.

- The child is able to follow basic and simple instructions according to age, for example, running and jumping.

- Expresses the desire of not wanting to put on the diaper, being in the range of the expected age.

- They feel uncomfortable when the diaper is dirty.

- They are curious when mom or dad go to the bathroom.

- Some start constipation.

Parents can apply various strategies to help you in this process of diapering, but before that we must take into account certain points:

- Put on comfortable clothes.

- Buy a potty (vasenilla) or adapted toilet.

- Go to the bathroom to do our needs accompanied by him or her and let him see us dismiss the poop happily. That he sees it as something natural and not that he is disgusted.

- React appropriately. Do not scold him or make him cry if he did not achieve the goal in that moment.

- Never ask him if he wants to go to the bathroom, because he will always tell us: NO!

- Let's not take the diaper back for convenience.

- Arm ourselves with patience, love and perseverance.

It is also important that there are three aspects in the child: neurological maturity (of his brain), psychological (emotional) maturity and physiological maturity (muscles of his intimate organs prepared).

What if we do this process through play? It will be a very fun way and one that can work wonderfully for us. Here we show you some activities!

1. The game of the stars. On a colorful sheet, we glued pictures of children pooping and peeing in the toilet. We divide it into seven, one for each day of the week, and in each square we put a star if it achieves its objective. To do this, we must first explain what this game consists of and that the stars won become simple prizes that our little one likes (not sweets, for example, games, kisses, hugs ...).

2. We can read him a story that talks about this process and in which children who are going through the same thing as him appear. Have you heard of the story of the brave boy named Juan sin pis? In this way and, as explained in the report 'Goodbye to diapers', by Edukame,' the child will be calmer and, therefore, the sphincter will also relax'-

3. Use a doll that becomes your best friend right now and that it makes him or her "pee or poop like him or her."

4. Listen to songs alluding to leaving the diaper, sing them and dance them with him.

5. Sit him on the toilet at a time we generally know he poops or pees and be with him singing songs or telling jokes. You will associate this habit with something playful!

6. Play with clay.

7. Go shopping and let him or her choose their favorite brief or brief. You will surely notice the color or the drawing. Will there be your favorite superhero?

It is important that we know and are aware that toilet training cannot be done in a forced or pressured way, since it is a process as is walking, talking and / or eating. There will be times when you succeed and others when accidents will occur and it is important to know how to handle all of them properly.

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