9 hard moments from kids movies that traumatize kids

9 hard moments from kids movies that traumatize kids

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Many films are capable of stirring up emotions and feelings that we thought were dormant, given the power of visual information. In the youngest, the process is somewhat different and the emotional impact can be even greater if they do not know how to differentiate between fact and fiction. Therefore, below we have compiled nothing more and nothing less than 9 kids movie moments of all time that traumatize kids.

Controlling the content that our children have access to is essential, but there are many times that family or children's films have an 'over-impact' on children and work has to be done so that they do not have psychological consequences.

We cannot forget that, as stated in the article written by university professor Alfonso Méndiz 'The influence of cinema on the family', for the University of Navarra, movies influence our image of reality, but they also modify our attitude towards some specific products that appear in the movies and our consumption patterns. Given the influence that movies can have on us and our children, we must be attentive to the warning signs that they have been emotionally impacted.

If your child shows signs of nervousness, anxiety, sadness, or starts asking a lot of questions about a particular movie it is important to talk to them to understand what is going on. Influencing the difference between reality and fiction is fundamental, as well as recognizing and deepening what is part of reality, especially in relation to death.

Next, we collect 9 movie scenes that tend to cause the most impact on the little ones:

1. Coconut (2017)
The children's movie Coco tells us the importance of not forgetting in order not to disappear. Many children wonder if at some point it will disappear forever. In addition, if a relative or acquaintance has passed away, they begin to want to remember it perpetually so as not to forget, even going so far as to develop patterns compatible with obsession.

2. Coraline's Worlds (2009)
Streaming platforms often include The Worlds of Coraline among children's films, however, in this film there are many moments that can impact children. Some of the scenes are complex and the little ones in the house will need their parents to explain them to them. Some children can even suffer from anxiety, insomnia and even depression from what they see on the screen.

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
Do you remember the scene in which one of the main girls is attacked by dozens of squirrels? Without a doubt, this moment can cause a trauma for the little ones. We cannot forget that in childhood, animals and nature are usually idealized, unlike this scene, which shows us the darkest side of nature. It is very possible that many parents have to explain this scene to their children so that they do not get scared.

4. Finding Nemo (2003)
If we stop to analyze this movie to detect the most shocking moments, without a doubt, we have to stop at the scene in which a barracuda attacks and eats Nemo's mother. He also eats all the eggs, except for Nemo. It is not the first time that a children's movie features death, but in this case, it appears unexpectedly. Also, there is no villain or cause to justify this unpleasant moment. This makes children feel insecure and can cause anxiety.

These are not the only children's films that can shock or traumatize the little ones in the house. Here are some other classic films that may have 'problematic' scenes.

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
The evil Judge Frollo is a cruel character whose behavior, especially when he persecutes the gypsy Esmeralda, can have a serious impact on children. At certain moments in the film we witness sexist situations and lack of respect from men to women.

6. Matilda (1996)
If we talk about characters that mark children and shape their way of understanding reality, we cannot fail to mention the terrible director of Matilda's film: Agatha Trunchbull. His conduct shows physical and psychological abuse against students. The children in the film do not dare to report these situations.

7. The Lion King (1994)
Of course, in this list of cinematic moments that traumatizes children we could not stop talking about the death of Mufasa, Simba's father, in The Lion King. This scene exposes children to the fact that parents will not live forever.

8. Bambi (1942)
Among the most traumatizing parental deaths for children, we cannot overlook that of Bambi's mother. In this case, it also causes fear to society, because little Bambi is left alone after the hunters kill his mother.

9. Snow White (1937)
It may go unnoticed by adults, but the fact that food may be poisoned (like the apple that makes Snow White fall into a long sleep) can cause recurring fear in children. It can even lead to problems such as not wanting to eat for a while or fear of swallowing.

Written by Paula Mella, ifeel's expert psychologist in Family Therapy.

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