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The attraction of children to bad smells

The attraction of children to bad smells

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After hundreds of diapers changed to our children, surely our pituitary is more or less used to bad smells: now we are somewhat more insensitive to those sibylline pedets or forgotten poops in the w.c.

However, I am surprised by the great resistance our children have to the bad smell of a room full of shoes and sweaty feet, or hot with farts, after a menu of legumes.

Could it be that children have an even greater resistance to bad smells than we do, despite our years of olfactory training? There are more and more toys, even stories that stimulate children's noses: stories that smell good or bad, depending on whether you scratch a flower or a foul green troll; Joke articles, stink bombs, stinking sprays, farts, collectible dolls with disgusting smells, and that awaken the hilarity of our children: garbage, cabbage, sweat, pee, poop, it is some of the succulent smells that our children can bear without problems and they brag about it, while we look at them in disgust.

Smell is a sense that leads to the association of pleasant or unpleasant objects. In the same way that they love to smell the cinnamon cake that you are making in the oven, they also love to smell much more unpleasant smells, since I think they wake up the little, joker and playful thug that every child has from 4 or 5 years.

Bad smells, burps or talks about filthy subjects, make them spend hilarious moments in front of a group of friends. Could it be that they are taboo or an escape route to jokes and games? Or is it that they really attract, stimulate and arouse their interest?

The joke and sense of humor of our little ones go through these small and accepted transgressions of the rules. Naive jokes, though not lacking a hint of rudeness and cheekiness. Should we be indulgent and put up with these odor concerns?

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